Limmen National Park

Limmen National Park, announced in 2012, is the third largest national park in the Northern Territory, after Judbarra / Gregory National Park, with an area of approximately 9,369 square kilometres (3,617 sq mi).[2] Located about 600 km south-east of Darwin on the Gulf of Carpentaria, the park incorporates wetlands, sandstone structures and numerous rivers, including the Limmen Bight River from which the park takes its name.[3][4] A major attraction in the park are the 'Lost Cities'—sandstone rock formations resembling tall apartment blocks.[5]

Limmen National Park
Northern Territory
IUCN category II (national park)[1]
Limmen National Park map
Nearest town or cityKatherine
Established26 June 2012 (2012-06-26)[1]
Area9,369.26 km2 (3,617.5 sq mi)[1]
Managing authoritiesParks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory
WebsiteLimmen National Park
See alsoProtected areas of the Northern Territory


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