Limmattaler Zeitung

Limmattaler Zeitung, commonly shortened to Limmattaler, is a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, published in Dietikon in the Limmat Valley.

Limmattaler Zeitung
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)AZ Medien
Editor-in-chiefBettina Hamilton-Irvine[1]
Founded  1972 as Der Limmattaler
  1997 (name changed to Limmattaler Tagblatt)
  2008 (name changed to Limmattaler Zeitung)
HeadquartersDietikon, Switzerland
Circulation8,359 (as of October 2013)

History and profile

The newspaper was first published in 1972 as Limmattaler Tagblatt by Der Limmattaler AG , situated in Dietikon, Canton of Zürich. The current name Limmattaler Zeitung dates from a 2008 merger with the local newspaper Bezirksanzeiger Dietikon. In 2010 the company was bought and absorbed by regional Swiss media conglomerate AZ Medien.[2]

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