Lille Laboratory of Mechanics

The Laboratoire de mécanique de Lille (LML) is a French research laboratory (UMR CNRS 8107) part of the Carnot institute ARTS. More than 200 people work in this laboratory which was created in 1985.

Lille Laboratory of Mechanics
Research typeapplied research
Field of research
Electrical engineering, Electronics
DirectorFrancis Piriou
LocationLille, France
50.606°N 3.136°E / 50.606; 3.136
CampusArts et Métiers ParisTech - CER Lille
CNRS EA 2697
AffiliationsArts et Métiers ParisTech
École centrale de Lille
University of Lille

It supports academic activities in the following graduate schools :

It supports doctoral researches and hosts PhD doctoral candidates in relationship with the European Doctoral College Lille Nord de France.

Research area

With more than two hundreds researchers, LML focuses on the following research area :

Equipment and facilities

The laboratory has heavy investigation equipment in its 3 research areas. These machines include a 20 meters long wind tunnel to study fluid mechanics, a multi-axis tensile test machine, to study mechanical behavior of complex materials and a micro-scale fatigue machine to study material life cycle.

Computations run thanks to a calculation cluster (HPC) composed of 288 cores.

Former members of the Laboratoire de mécanique de Lille

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