Light and air unit

A light and air unit, also known as a breathing support unit, is a specialized piece of firefighting apparatus used by firefighters to provide supplemental lighting and SCBA air bottles at the scene of an emergency.[1] During prolonged emergencies, particularly structure fires, where firefighters must remain on air (wearing their SCBAs), these air bottles will need to be replaced and refilled.[2] The light and air unit has the ability to refill the SCBA bottles while in the field using onboard air compressors(cascade).[1] It also carries a supply of spare air cylinders. These units are highly customizable and can vary greatly between departments.[3] These multifunctional units are also equipped with diesel generators which supplies electricity to power portable lights and overall scene illumination.[4] This is usually done via a roof mounted telescoping light bank. The unit also has the ability to supply electrical power in an emergency to a shelter, base camp, or medical facility.

In the United States, Chapter 24 of National Fire Protection Association regulation 1901 outlines specifications for any air system mounted on firefighting apparatus.[5]


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