Liga Invernal Veracruzana

The Veracruz Winter League (Spanish: Liga Invernal Veracruzana de Béisbol Profesional) is a professional baseball winter league, representing the Mexican state of Veracruz, taking place between the months of October and January. It is currently made up of 6 teams and the league champion is invited to compete in the Latin American Series.

Veracruz Winter League
Current season, competition or edition:
2018-19 Veracruz Winter League season
No. of teams6
Country Mexico
ContinentNorth America
Most recent
Tobis de Acayucan (2nd title)
Most titlesBrujos de Los Tuxtlas (6 titles)
QualificationLatin American Series (2013-16) (2019-)
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The league was formed in its current iteration in 2005 by the thenstate governor Fidel Herrera Beltrán as a league representing an area of Mexico not covered by the other two professional leagues, with the Mexican Pacific League covering the Pacific side of the country and the Mexican League covering inland and southern Mexico, leaving Veracruz unrepresented up to that point. The league ran for eleven seasons before it was put on hold due to lack of funding, with youth competition Veracruz State League, representing the statefrom that point onwards. In 2018, the president of Tobis de Acayucan, Regina Vázquez Saut, announced the revival of the league, appointing herself as the commissioner, with the first game of the revived league being played on October 27, 2018.[1][2][3]

Current teams


Team Head Coach City Stadium
Astros de Jáltipan Eddy Castro Jáltipan, Veracruz "Fernando López Arias"
Cafetaleros de Córdoba Alberto Joachín Heroica Córdoba, Veracruz "Beisborama"
Cañeros de Úrsulo Galván Ángel Utrera Cempoala, Veracruz 20 de Noviembre
Chileros de Xalapa Juan Carlos Hernández Xalapa-Enríquez, Veracruz Deportivo Colón
Rojos de Veracruz Ramón Esquer Heroica Veracruz, Veracruz Deportivo Universitario "Beto Ávila"
Tobis de Acayucan Félix Tejeda Acayucan, Veracruz
Oluta, Veracruz
"Luis Díaz Flores"
Emiliano Zapata

Affiliations with Mexican League

Because the Veracruz Winter League is considered a lower level than the other two professional leagues in Mexico, three of the teams have affiliations with Mexican League teams:

Mexican League Affiliate
Astros de JáltipanUnaffiliated
Cafetaleros de CórdobaBravos de León [5]
Cañeros de Úrsulo GalvánUnaffiliated
Chileros de XalapaAcereros del Norte [6]
Rojos de VeracruzDiablos Rojos del México [7]
Tobis de AcayucanUnaffiliated

League champions

Season Champions Series Score Runners-up Winning Coach
2005-06Broncos de Cosamaloapan4-3Chileros de Xalapa Ramón Arano
2006-07Gallos de Santa Rosa4-2Dragones Rojos de Coatzacoalcos Ramón Montoya
2007-08Chileros de Xalapa4-3Broncos de Cosamaloapan Rafael Castañeda
2008-09Brujos de Los Tuxtlas4-1Gallos de Santa Rosa Pedro Meré
2009-10Brujos de Los Tuxtlas (2)4-2Chileros de Xalapa Pedro Meré
2010-11Chileros de Xalapa (2)4-2Brujos de Los Tuxtlas Shammar Almeida
2011-12Brujos de Los Tuxtlas (3)4-1Chileros de Xalapa Pedro Meré
2012-13Brujos de Los Tuxtlas (4)4-1Gallos de Santa Rosa Pedro Meré
2013-14Brujos de Los Tuxtlas (5)4-1Tobis de Acayucan Pedro Meré
2014-15Brujos de San Andrés Tuxtla (6)4-1Gallos de Santa Rosa Pedro Meré
2015-16Tobis de Acayucan4-1Chileros de Xalapa José Ángel Chávez
2016-2018Not held (see Veracruz State League)
2018-19Tobis de Acayucan (2)4-3Chileros de XalapaFélix Tejeda

Championships by Team

Brujos de Los Tuxtlas (defunct) 6 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15
Chileros de Xalapa 2 2007-08, 2010-11
Tobis de Acayucan 2 2015-16, 2018-19
Broncos de Cosamaloapan (defunct) 1 2005-06
Gallos de Santa Rosa (defunct) 1 2006-07

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