Liga Femenina 2 de Baloncesto

Liga Femenina 2 is second division of the women's league of basketball in Spain. It was founded in 2001.

Liga Femenina 2
No. of teams28 in 2 groups
Country Spain
Continent Europe
Level on pyramid2nd Tier (Spain)
Promotion toLiga Femenina - 1st Tier (First 2)
Relegation to1ª Nacional - 3rd Tier
Official (in Spanish)

Competition format

Teams in this league are divided into two groups by geographical criteria. The top four teams of each one, qualify to the promotion playoffs. In these playoffs, the qualified teams are divided into two groups of four teams, where the two top teams qualify to the Finals. The two winners of the finals promote to Liga Femenina.

Until 2005, the promotion playoff consisted in best-of-three games series between the top four teams of each group.


SeasonPromoted as championPromoted as runner-up
2001–02Adecco EstudiantesPDV Santa Eulalia
2002–03PC MendíbilRivas Futura
2003–04Motiva Real CanoeACIS Mercaleón
2004–05Universitario de FerrolCadí La Seu
2005–06ExtrugasaRivas Futura
2006–07Cadí La SeuAgencia Serrano Badajoz
2007–08USP-CEU MMT EstudiantesCOP Crespí Joventut Mariana
2008–09Argon Uni GironaMoguerza Real Canoe
2009–10UNB Obenasa NavarraExtrugasa
2010–11Caja Rural ValbusendaArranz Jopisa Burgos
2011–12Grupo Marsol ConqueroCoelbi Bembibre PDM
2012–13Universidad del País VascoGDKO Ibaizabal
2013–14Gernika BizkaiaAl-Qázeres Extremadura
2014–15CREF ¡Hola!Plenilunio DO
2015–16Lacturale AraskiAl-Qázeres Extremadura
2016–17Snatt's Femení Sant AdriàAdecco Estudiantes
2017–18Durán Maquinaria EnsinoValencia Basket
2018–19Campus PrometeCiudad de los Adelantados
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