Liga 1 (Indonesia)

Liga 1 (English: League One), (Shopee Liga 1 for sponsorship reasons with Shopee),[1] is the men's top professional football division of the Indonesian football league system. Administered by the PT Liga Indonesia Baru (English: New Indonesian League, LLC), Liga 1 is contested by 18 clubs and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Liga 2.

Liga 1
Organising bodyPT Liga Indonesia Baru
Founded2008 (2008) (as Indonesia Super League)
2017 (2017) (as Liga 1)
First season2008–09
Number of teams18
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLiga 2
Domestic cup(s)Piala Indonesia
International cup(s)AFC Champions League
Current championsBali United (1st title)
Most championshipsPersipura (3 titles)
TV partnersIndosiar and O Channel
Matrix Garuda and UseeTV (Pay TV)
Vidio (Streaming Platform)
WebsiteOfficial website

In its current format, the Indonesian league was revised from having tournament format, to a single-tier league from the 2008–09 season onwards.

Thirty-six teams have competed in Liga 1 since its inception. Six teams have been crowned champions, with Persipura winning the title a record three times. Persipura also won the inaugural Liga 1 (formerly known as Indonesia Super League) in 2009.



In 1994, PSSI merged Perserikatan and Galatama to formed Liga Indonesia, integrating the fanaticism in the Perserikatan and the professionalism of Galatama with the aim of improving the quality of Indonesian football. And also marks a tiered system in Indonesian football league in the level of competition.[2]

The format of group stage like Perserikatan, combined with a full competition system followed by the semifinal and final like Galatama, became a combination of Liga Indonesia competition formats.[3]


Modern competition era started. In 2008, PSSI organize Indonesia Super League as the new professional football league in Indonesia, replacing Indonesia Premier Division as top-tier competition in Indonesia.[2] Indonesia Super League which puts full competition format, became a new thing for Indonesian football. If previously Indonesian football was identical to the tournament competition format, now the competition champion was generated from the points obtained in the competition.[3]

The league held its first season in 2008–09. It was composed of 18 clubs for that season. The first Indonesia Super League goal was scored by Ernest Jeremiah of Persipura in a 2–2 draw against Sriwijaya.[4] The 18 inaugural members of the new Indonesia Super League were Persipura, Persiwa, Persib, Persik, Sriwijaya, Persela, Persija, PSM, Pelita Jaya, Arema, Persijap, Persiba, PKT Bontang, Persitara, PSMS, Deltras, Persita, and PSIS. Originally, Persiter and Persmin were qualified as top nine in east region 2007–08 Liga Indonesia Premier Division. But they failed the verification to be inaugural members of the Indonesia Super League.[5]


Liga Primer Indonesia emerged in 2011 as a breakaway league managed by Konsorsium Liga Premier Indonesia and PT Liga Primer Indonesia that was not recognized (initially) by the PSSI. PSM, Persema, and Persibo joined as defectors of Indonesia Super League. That competition was then stopped during the half-season break.

After the inauguration of the new PSSI board, member of Executive Committee and Chairman of the Competition Committee of PSSI, Sihar Sitorus, appointed PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo as new league operator replacing PT Liga Indonesia because they didn't provide an accountability report to the PSSI and announced Indonesia Premier League as the new top level competition in Indonesia.[6]

But the problem arose when Sihar Sitorus said the competition would be divided into two regions and there would be an addition of six clubs in the top division which caused many members to be dissatisfied with it. Therefore, there were defections of 14 Indonesia Premier League contestants to Indonesia Super League. Indonesia Super League keep rolling as illegal competition that is not recognized by FIFA and AFC. Indonesia Premier League became the top-tier league from 2011 to 2013.[6]

In PSSI Extraordinary Congress on 17 March 2013, it was decided that Indonesia Super League would once again emerge as the top level competition as an unification league following the disbandment of the Indonesian Premier League. Best seven teams of the 2013 Indonesian Premier League followed the verification to be in that unified league. But only Semen Padang, Persiba Bantul, Persijap, and PSM that passed the verification while Perseman, Persepar, and Pro Duta failed, making 2014 season followed by 22 teams.[7]

Government intervention and FIFA suspension

Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs (Menpora), Imam Nahrawi, officially banned PSSI on 18 April 2015. This decision was taken because PSSI did not recognize the results of BOPI's recommendations not to pass verification of Arema Cronus and Persebaya. Previously, Menpora had sent three letters of reprimand. But up to a predetermined deadline, PSSI does not provide an answer.[8] It made PSSI officially stopped all competitions in 2015 season after PSSI Executive Committee meeting on 2 May 2015.[9]

FIFA also suspend PSSI on 30 May 2015 because the Indonesian government has committed a violation through intervention.[10] During suspension, some tournaments were made to replace the competition, starting with the Indonesia President's Cup 2015 where Persib came out as champions, until Bhayangkara Cup closed the tournament games. And then a long-term tournament with full competition format, Indonesia Soccer Championship was held in 2016 season where Persipura won that tournament.[11]

On 13 May 2016, FIFA officially revoked the suspension PSSI, following revocation by Menpora on 10 May 2016.[12]

Name changes

In 2017, the competition starts again using the new official name Liga 1. The name changes also applied to Premier Division (became Liga 2) and Liga Nusantara (became Liga 3).[2] The competition operator was also changed from PT Liga Indonesia (LI) to PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB).[13] Bhayangkara was the first winner to be produced from the competition with this new name, beating Bali United with a head-to-head advantage because both teams had the same points.[14]

Competition format


There are 18 clubs in Liga 1. During the course of a season each club plays the others twice (a double round-robin system), once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents', for 34 games. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then head-to-head records, then goal difference, and then goals scored. If still equal, a drawing held to determine which clubs is above the other.[15] The three lowest placed teams are relegated into Liga 2, and the top two teams from Liga 2, together with the winner of third place play-off involving the loser of Liga 2 semifinals, are promoted in their place.

Promotion and relegation

A system of promotion and relegation exists between Liga 1 and Liga 2. The three lowest placed teams in Liga 1 are relegated to Liga 2, and the top two teams from Liga 2 promoted to the Liga 1, with an additional team promoted after a third place play-off involving the loser of Liga 2 semifinals. Liga 1 had 22 teams in 2014 for the merging of the two professional leagues in Indonesia – Indonesia Premier League and Indonesia Super League, but originally until present time, it is 18-team format.


For more details see List of football clubs in Indonesia

Thirty-six clubs have played in the Liga 1 from its inception in 2008 as Indonesia Super League, up to and including the 2019 season.


Season Champions Runners-up
2008–09 Persipura Persiwa
2009–10 Arema Persipura
2010–11 Persipura Arema
2011–12 Sriwijaya Persipura
2013 Persipura Arema
2014 Persib Persipura
2015 Did not finish
2017 Bhayangkara Bali United
2018 Persija PSM
2019 Bali United

Most successful clubs

ClubWinnersRunners-upWinning seasonsRunner-up seasons
Persipura 3 3 2008–09, 2010–11, 2013 2009–10, 2011–12, 2014
Arema 1 2 2009–10 2010–11, 2013
Bali United 1 1 2019 2017
Sriwijaya 1 0 2011–12
Persib 1 0 2014
Bhayangkara 1 0 2017
Persija 1 0 2018
Persiwa 0 1 2008–09
PSM 0 1 2018

2019 season

The following 18 clubs are competing in the Liga 1 during the 2019 season.

Club Position
in 2018
First season in
top division
First season in
ISL/Liga 1
in top
in ISL/Liga 1
First season of
current spell in
top division
Last top
division title
Aremaa, b6th1994–952008–0922102008–0912009–10
Badak Lampungb14th201420145520140N/A
Bali Unitedb11th1994–952009–101692009–100N/A
Barito Puterab9th1994–95201315620130N/A
Kalteng Putra3rd in the Liga 2201920191120190N/A
Madura Uniteda, b8th1994–952008–0922102008–090N/A
Perselaa, b13th20042008–0914102008–090N/A
Persiba, b4th1994–952008–0923102008–0922014
Persijaa, b1st1994–952008–0923102008–0922018
Persipuraa, b12th1994–952008–0923102008–0942013
PSS1st in the Liga 2200120198120190N/A
Semen Padang2nd in the Liga 21994–952010–1118520190N/A

a: Founding member of the Indonesia Super League/Liga 1
b: Never been relegated from Indonesia Super League/Liga 1


Other clubs

The following clubs are not competing in the Liga 1 during the 2019 season, but competed in the Indonesia Super League/Liga 1 for at least one season.

Club Current
in 2018
First season
top division
First season
ISL/Liga 1
Most recent
season in
Liga 1
in top
ISL/Liga 1
Last top
BontangaLiga 3Eliminated in qualifying round
(Province round)
DeltrasaLiga 3Eliminated in qualifying round
(Regional round)
Mitra KukarLiga 216th in Liga 11994–952011–1220181060N/A
PersegresLiga 310th in Liga 2 East region1994–952011–12201715512002
PersemaLiga 3Eliminated in first round1994–952009–102009–101210N/A
PersepamLiga 3Eliminated in qualifying round
(National zone route)
PersibaaLiga 28th in East region1994–952008–0920171680N/A
Persiba BantulLiga 3Eliminated in third round201420142014110N/A
PersidafonLiga 3Eliminated in qualifying round
(Province round)
PersijapaLiga 3Eliminated in second round20052008–092014740N/A
PersikaLiga 21st in Liga 320032008–0920148322006
PersitaaLiga 24th1994–952008–0920141530N/A
PersitaraaLiga 3Eliminated in qualifying round
(Province round)
PersiwaaLiga 312th in Liga 2 East region20062008–092013750N/A
PSAPLiga 3Not participated2011–122011–122011–12110N/A
PSMSaLiga 218th in Liga 11994–952008–0920181530N/A
PSPS RiauLiga 26th in West region20012009–102013940N/A
SriwijayaaLiga 217th in Liga 11994–952008–09201819922011–12

a: Founding member of the Indonesia Super League/Liga 1

All-time Liga 1 table

The All-time Liga 1 table is an overall record of all match results, points, and goals of every team that has played in Liga 1/Indonesia Super League since its inception in 2008. The table is accurate as of the end of the 2018 season. Because the 2014 season used a two-region format, as per statistical convention in football, matches decided in extra time are counted as wins and losses, while matches decided by penalty shoot-outs are counted as draws. This all-time table also include the abandoned 2015 season.

Pos Team Seasons Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts 1st 2nd
2Arema[lower-alpha 1]92611275876429286+143436[lower-roman 1]12
6Madura United[lower-alpha 2]9261966699361351+10351[lower-roman 2]00
8Bali United[lower-alpha 3]8220904783332294+3831701
12Mitra Kukar6164702668255262−723600
13TIRA-Persikabo[lower-alpha 4]6158513869198239−4119100
14Barito Putera5125493244180172+817900
15Bhayangkara[lower-alpha 5]496522024158102+56173[lower-roman 3]10
16PSPS Riau4130392071147245−98134[lower-roman 4]00
17Semen Padang490352728117106+1113200
19Persegres5125322766129253−124120[lower-roman 5]00
21Badak Lampung[lower-alpha 6]49028224093117−2410600
23Borneo[lower-alpha 7]37029142710291+1110100
24Bontang[lower-alpha 8]396242448129185−569600
34Persiba Bantul12023151753−36900
35Kalteng Putra00000000000
  1. Include stats as Arema Indonesia and Arema Cronus.
  2. Include stats as Pelita Jaya, Pelita Bandung Raya, and Persipasi Bandung Raya.
  3. Include stats as Persisam, Persisam Putra Samarinda, and Putra Samarinda.
  4. Include stats as Persiram, PS TNI, and PS TIRA.
  5. Include stats as Persebaya ISL.
  6. Include stats as Perseru.
  7. Include stats as Pusamania Borneo.
  8. Include stats as PKT Bontang.
Point deductions:
  1. Arema were deducted 3 points in 2013 season.
  2. Madura United were deducted 3 points in 2017 season.
  3. Bhayangkara were deducted 3 points in 2014 season.
  4. PSPS Riau were deducted 3 points in 2010−11 season.
  5. Persegres were deducted 3 points in 2017 season.

League or status at 2019:

2019 Liga 1 teams
2019 Liga 2 teams
2019 Liga 3 teams
Defunct teams


Foreign players

Foreign players policy has changed multiple times since the league inception.

  • 2008–2013: 5 foreign players including 2 Asian quota.[16]
  • 2014: 4 foreign players including 1 Asian quota and only 3 can be on the field at a time.[17]
  • 2015: 3 foreign players. All 3 players can be on the field.[18]
  • 2017: 4 foreign players including 1 Asian quota and 1 marquee player quota. All 4 players can be on the field.[19]
  • 2018–present: 4 foreign players including 1 Asian quota. All 4 players can be on the field.[20]


Best coaches

Season Name Club Standings Nationality
2013 Jacksen F. Tiago Persipura Indonesia Super League champions  Brazil
2018 Stefano Cugurra Persija Liga 1 champions  Brazil


Period Sponsor(s) Name
2008–2012 Djarum Djarum Indonesia Super League[21]
2013–2014 No sponsor Indonesia Super League
2015 QNB Group QNB League[22]
2017 Go-Jek and Traveloka Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1[23]
2018 Go-Jek Go-Jek Liga 1[24]
2019 Shopee Shopee Liga 1[1]

Media coverage

Current (2019–2020)

Broadcasters Coverage Summary
Indosiar Free-to-air (FTA) Up to 5 matches per week. Most big matches only available via analogue/digital terrestrial antenna.[25]
O Channel Up to 2 matches per week.
Matrix Garuda (from 2015) Pay TV All 306 matches live.
UseeTV All 306 matches live. Up to 5 matches per week on Usee Sports, up to 2 matches per week on Liga 1 channel (on web and app only, UseeTV customers only) and Usee Prime (all platforms, free for all publics).
Vidio All 306 matches live. Up to 5 matches per week require subscription and 2 other matches per week available for free on both O Channel and Liga 1 channels.


Year Free-to-air (FTA) Pay TV Streaming
2008–2013[26] ANTV N/A N/A
2014[27] Kompas TV K-Vision Domikado (Second Round to Final in 2014)
2014–2015 RCTI, MNCTV, and Global TV First Media and Big TV
2015[28][29] NET.
2017–2018[30][31][32][33] tvOne Orange TV iflix and SportsFix
2018 Indosiar and O Channel Nexmedia N/A

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