Life Dances On

Life Dances On or Christine or Dance Program (French: Un carnet de bal) is a 1937 French drama film directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Marie Bell, Françoise Rosay and Louis Jouvet.[1]

Life Dances On
Directed byJulien Duvivier
Produced byJean-Pierre Frogerais
Written byJulien Duvivier
Henri Jeanson
Yves Mirande
Jean Sarment
Pierre Wolff
Bernard Zimmer
StarringMarie Bell
Françoise Rosay
Louis Jouvet
Music byMaurice Jaubert
CinematographyPhilippe Agostini
Michel Kelber
Pierre Levent
Edited byAndré Versein
Productions Sigma
Distributed byLes Films Vog
Release date
9 September 1937
Running time
144 minutes

The film's art direction was by Jean Douarinou.


Twenty years after her debut ball, recently-widowed Christine tracks down her former dance partners to see how time has treated them. Her beaux have not fared well: one killed himself over Christine and his doting mother haunts his room in a perpetual state of denial. Promising lawyer and poet Pierre became a cynical nightclub owner and mob boss. An older composer took monastic vows and now teaches music to choirboys. The relatively fit and well-adjusted bachelor Eric has secluded himself on a mountain. Francois is a petit-bourgeois mayor marrying his henpecked maid in a small village. A former medical student is now a world-weary, drug-addicted wreck performing illegal abortions in the dockyard district. And optimistic card-trick-loving Fabien is a hair-dresser well-contented with his domestic life (though perhaps closeted) and frequenting the same old dance circuit.

Christine indulges in the melancholy of regret, remaining non-judgmental, but nevertheless disturbed by the profound effect she had on these men, their loss of innocence, and the ravages of time.



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