Life's Mockery

Life's Mockery is a 1928 silent film drama directed by Robert F. Hill and starring Betty Compson. It was produced by independent studio Chadwick Pictures who also distributed.[1]

Life's Mockery
Directed byRobert F. Hill
Produced byChadwick Pictures Corporation
Written byIsadore Bernstein (story, scenario)
Leon Lee (titles)
StarringBetty Compson
CinematographyTed Tetzlff
Edited byGene Milford
Distributed byChadwick Pictures
Release date
July 20, 1928
Running time
7 reels
LanguageSilent..English title


Preservation status

  • The film survives and is preserved at Archives Du Film Du CNC (Bois d'Arcy), France.[2]


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