Libyan Coast Guard

The Libyan Coast Guard, part of the Libyan Navy, is responsible for the onshore protection of public installations near the coast and the patrol of coastal waters for curbing smuggling and traffickers and for enforcing customs laws. As of 2015, the Libyan Coast Guard has over 1,000 personnel.[1]

Libyan Coast Guard
Racing Stripe of the Libyan Coast Guard
Country Libya
Branch Libyan Navy
TypeCoast guard
Size1,000 (As of 2015).[1]
Commodore Abdallah Toumia
SpokesmanBrig. Ayoub Qassim
Seal of Libyan Coast Guard
Naval ensign
Flag of the Libyan Navy
Libyan Coast Guard Racing Stripe


The foundation of the Libyan Coast Guard dates back to 1970 when the previously separate customs and harbor police were joined in a single command within the Libyan Navy and under the Ministry of Defense.

In 2006-2008 the Coast Guard fleet was renewed and equipped with 'stealth' 30 kts cruising speed PV30-LS patrol boats from the Croatian shipyard Adria-Mar[2][1]

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