Liberty (ship)

The Liberty ship was also a class of cargo ships mass-produced in the United States during World War II. The 2,710 vessels built are included at List of Liberty ships

Several ships have been named Liberty:

  • USS Liberty (1775), an American Revolutionary War ship
  • Liberty (1784 ship), a merchant vessel launched at Broadstairs and burnt by the French navy at Montserrat in 1805
  • Liberty (sternwheeler), a sternwheel steamboat (built in 1903), in Oregon, United States
  • SY Liberty, a large steam yacht built in 1903 for Joseph Pulitzer and later serving as a British hospital ship in World War I
  • USS Liberty III (SP-1229), a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1919
  • USAT Liberty, a United States Army cargo ship in commission from 1918 to 1942
  • USS Liberty (ID-3461), was a transport ship launched in June 1918 and decommissioned in May 1919, and as USAT Liberty, a United States Army transport ship sunk in 1942
  • USS Liberty (AGTR-5), an US Navy electronic intelligence ship strafed and bombed by Israeli airforce resulting in more than 34 dead and 171 wounded and its decommissioning as beyond repair.
  • Liberty (yacht), a 12-metre class yacht that unsuccessfully defended the America's Cup in 1983
  • Carnival Liberty, a Conquest class cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line
  • Liberty (Sausalito fireboat), see Sausalito, California

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