Lia Amanda

Lia Amanda (born 2 September 1932) is an Italian former film actress.

Lia Amanda
Lia Molfesi

(1932-09-02) 2 September 1932
Rome, Italy

Life and career

Born in Rome as Lia Molfesi, Amanda was the daughter of the character actor Mario Molfesi.[1]

She debuted at very young age with her real name in Mario Monicelli and Steno's Totò cerca casa, in which she played the daughter of Totò.[1] She adopted her stage name since her second film, Cento piccole mamme, in which she also had her first leading role.[1]

After several significant roles in critically appreciated films including Augusto Genina's Tre storie proibite, at the peak of her career, at the 1955 Punta del Este Film Festival Amanda announced her retirement from acting to move in Brasil with her husband, the Argentine businessman Arnaldo Carraro.[1] In 1975 she made a fleeting return to acting with a supporting role in the giallo Nude per l'assassino.[2]

Selected filmography


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