Letz Sushi

Letz Sushi is a Danish chain of sushi restaurants headquartered in Copenhagen. It focuses on sustainable sushi and saving the world oceans. It currently consists of 20 restaurants and a retail division delivering to 500 supermarkets and convenience stores.

Letz Sushi
GenreJapanese restaurant
FounderLouise Ertman Baunsgaard
Area served
Key people
Anders Barsøe (CEO)


Letz Sushi was founded when Louise Ertman Baunsgaard opened a sushi take-away restaurant iat Nordre Frihavnsgade No. 15 in March 2003. Over the next decade, it grew with an additional five restaurants. In 2013, it merged with Dondon Sushi, a chain founded by Jysk heir Jacob Brunsborg in 2008, bringing the total number of Letz Sushi restaurants up to 13.[1] In 2016, Anders Barsøe replaced Louise Ertman Baunsgaard as CEO of the company. He came from a position as CEO of Meyers Bagerier.[2]



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