Let It Bleed (Rebus)

Let It Bleed is a 2006 episode of STV's Rebus television series. It was the fourth episode broadcast in the show's third season, and starred Ken Stott in the title role. The episode was based on the Ian Rankin novel of the same name.

"Let It Bleed"
Rebus episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 4
Directed byRoger Gartland
Story byIan Rankin
Teleplay byDavid Kane
Original air dateSept 2006 (STV)
Guest appearance(s)


When Rebus investigates the suicide of a petty crook at an investment bank, he discovers the man has a photograph of a child in Africa, with the words "Alto Chicampo". He finds a connection from the man to a chemical company, which is building a plant in the city supported by local politicians eager for the employment opportunities for the city. He also finds a link to an ex-employee, who is planning to blow the whistle on the company. When she is also found dead, the situation becomes murkier, with the whiff of corruption in high places.



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