Let's Rob the Bank

Faites sauter la banque! English: Rob the Bank, is a French comedy film from 1964, directed by Jean Girault, written by Louis Sapin and Jean Girault, starring Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles: "Rob the Bank" (International English title), "El gran golpe" (Spain), "Balduin, der Geldschrank-Knacker" (West Germany), "Faccio saltare la banca" (Italy).[1]

Faites sauter la banque!
Directed byJean Girault
Produced byFilms Copernic, Pamec Cinematografica
Written byLouis Sapin
Jean Girault
StarringLouis de Funès
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Yvonne Clech
Music byPaul Mauriat
Distributed byConstantin Film
Release date
25 February 1964 (France)
Running time
88 minutes


  • Louis de Funès: Victor Garnier, owner of a store of Chasse et Pêche
  • Jean-Pierre Marielle: André Durand-Mareuil, the banker, neighbour of Victor
  • Yvonne Clech: Éliane Garnier, wife of Victor
  • Anne Doat: Isabelle Garnier, the elder daughter
  • Michel Tureau: Gérard Garnier, son
  • Catherine Demongeot: Corinne Garnier, the younger daughter
  • Georges Wilson: Policeman
  • Jean Valmont: Philippe Brécy
  • Claude Piéplu: The Priest
  • Georges Adet: Gerber, the employee responsible for chests
  • Florence Blot: Housemaid
  • Nicole Chollet: a client
  • Alix Mahieux: Poupette, Belgian cousin
  • Michel Dancourt: Casimir, Belgian cousin
  • Jean Lefebvre: Construction foreman
  • Dominique Zardi
  • Guy Grosso: a client
  • Yvonne Rozille
  • Jean Droze


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