Les Hommes nouveaux

Les Hommes nouveaux (English: The new Men) is a French drama film from 1936, written and directed by Marcel L'Herbier, starring Harry Baur.[1] The film was based on a novel of Claude Farrère.[2]

Les Hommes nouveaux
Directed byMarcel L'Herbier
Produced byLes Films Albert Lauzin
Written byMarcel L'Herbier
Claude Farrère
StarringHarry Baur
Henri Rollan
Music byMarius-François Gaillard
Release date
4 March 1936 (France)
Running time
110 minutes


  • Harry Baur: Bourron
  • Natalie Paley: Christiane (as Nathalie Paley)
  • Gabriel Signoret: Maréchal Lyautey de Tolly
  • Max Michel: Henri de Chassagnes
  • Claude Sainval: Jean de Sainte-Foy
  • Sylvio De Pedrelli: Medhani, the gangster boss
  • Jean Marais: the clerk
  • André Numès Fils: Roussignol
  • René Bergeron: Mingasse
  • Marie-Jacqueline Chantal: the nurse
  • Gustave Gallet: Clémenceau
  • Ben Gassin: Zerfatti
  • André Carnège: the commander
  • Hugues de Bagratide: an officier
  • Paul Amiot: D'Amade


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