Les Dalton (film)

Les Dalton is a 2004 French Western comedy film directed by Philippe Haïm. It was inspired by the characters The Daltons in the comic Lucky Luke. It was filmed in France, Germany, and Spain. It was released 8 December 2004.

Les Dalton
Directed byPhilippe Haïm
Produced bySaïd Ben Saïd
Yves Marmion
Written byÉric Judor
Ramzy Bedia
Michel Hazanavicius
Philippe Haim
StarringEric Judor
Ramzy Bedia
Music byAlexandre Azaria
CinematographyDavid Carretero
Edited byRichard Marizy
UGC Images, France
Integral Film, Germany
Castelao Producciones, Spain
TF1 Films Production, France
Distributed by20th Century Fox (International)
Release date
  • 8 December 2004 (2004-12-08)
Running time
86 minutes
CountryFrance, Germany, Spain
Budget$26 million
Box office$26 million[1]

The comic had previously inspired several films, in particular La Ballade des Dalton (1978). The film's budget of $42 million makes it one of the most expensive non-English language films.

The film was presented at the 7º Almería Western Film Festival on October 11, 2017.[2]


In order to steal a bank and have their mother proud of them, thieving thieves steal a magic hat that will make them invincible. An action movie that gives a wild and funny vision of the Wild West. Joe and Averell are respectively the oldest and youngest of the four Dalton brothers, the most dangerous bandits in the history of the Far West, and their failures are of such caliber that their own mother is turning against them. But they react when Mama Dalton kicks them out of their own home and they decide to make her proud of them by stealing the Gulch City Bank where safety is so high that even employees are trained in the combat arts. They fail in the robbery of the bank and Joe and Averell, along with their brothers, are imprisoned. In the cell they meet a Mexican who reveals information about a magic hat that makes him invincible. Joe immediately decides to get the hat, so the four brothers run away from prison and head for Mexico, leaving chaos in their wake. Arguing non-stop, Joe and Averell compete for power in a small town and manage to infiltrate a gang of criminals, where, after a spectacular battle, they steal the magic hat from the bandit who had it. But the problems are only beginning because of the constant and growing rivalry between Joe and Averell and the fact that the law is on their heels. Again in Gulch City, the brothers will try to steal the bank again and get their mother to be proud of them.



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