Leonid Libkin

Leonid Libkin FRSE is a computer scientist who works in database theory, logic in computer science, and finite model theory.

Leonid Libkin
Alma materUniversity of Pennsylvania[1]
AwardsRoyal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award[2]

Academia Europaea[3]

Marie Curie Chair[6]
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Edinburgh
University of Toronto
Bell Labs
ThesisAspects of Partial Information in Databases[1] (1994[1])
Doctoral advisorPeter Buneman[1]

Libkin is a Professor at the University of Edinburgh,[7] where he holds the chair of Foundations of Data Management in the School of Informatics.[8] He previously worked at the University of Toronto and Bell Labs.[8]

Libkin is the author of a standard textbook on finite model theory.[9] He is an ACM Fellow,[5] a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh[10] and a member of Academia Europaea.[3]


  • Libkin, Leonid (2004). Elements of Finite Model Theory. Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-21202-7.
  • Arenas, Marcelo; Barceló, Pablo; Libkin, Leonid; Murlak, Filip (2014). Foundations of Data Exchange. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107016163.


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