Leonid Kanevsky

Leonid Semyonoviсh Kanevski (Ukrainian: Леонід Семенович Каневський, Russian: Леони́д Семёнович Кане́вский; 2 May 1939, Kiev, USSR[1]) is a Soviet, Russian and Israeli actor.

Leonid Kanevsky
Leonid Kanevsky
Born (1939-05-02) May 2, 1939
Years active1961–present
Spouse(s)Anna Berezina


  1. 1968The Diamond ArmContrabandist, put in plaster
  2. 1969The Red Tent
  3. 19712003Investigation Held by ZnaToKiTomin
  4. 1972Train Stop — Two Minutes — Krasovsky
  5. 1974Adventures in a City that does not ExistCaptain Bonaventure
  6. 1978d'Artagnan and Three Musketeers
  7. 1982Along Unknown PathsDesyatnik Millionskiy
  8. 1983Mary Poppins, Goodbye — as Bob Goodetty
  9. 2005Poor Relatives
  10. 2012Welcome and … Our Condolences — as himself (outro gag)


Kanevsky is the host and main person behind the NTV show The investigation led to....[2]


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