Leningrad Cowboys Go Wild

Leningrad Cowboys Go Wild is a 2000 compilation album by the Leningrad Cowboys released in Germany.

Leningrad Cowboys Go Wild
Compilation album by
Released13 March 2000
LabelAriola Express
Leningrad Cowboys chronology
Terzo Mondo
Leningrad Cowboys Go Wild
Global Balalaika Show

Track listing

1."Born To Be Wild" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989)M. Bofire3.30
2."Gimme All Your Lovin'" (from Happy Together, 1994)B. Gibbons/D. Hill/Frank Lee Beard3.08
3."Sally Is Something Else" (from We Cum from Brooklyn, 1992)A. Pänttönen/M&S Helminen2.39
4."Desconsolado" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989)Desconocido3.27
5."There Must Be An Angel" (from Mongolian Barbeque, 1997)Stewart/Lennox3.35
6."California Girls" (from Happy Together, 1994)B. Wilson2.47
7."Sweet Home Alabama (Stalker Mix)" (from Mongolian Barbeque, 1997)R. Van Zant/ E. King/ G. Rossington4.27
8."Dancing in the Street" (from Happy Together, 1994)Stevenson/Gaye/Hunter3.48
9."Fat Bob Dollop" (from We Cum from Brooklyn, 1992)C. Jones/M&S Helminen3.11
10."Chasing The Light" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989)M. Smith/N. Tesco2.20
11."Happy Together" (from Happy Together, 1994)Bonner/Gordon2.49
12."Let's Work Together" (from Happy Together, 1994)Harrison2.47
13."Rocky VI (Short Film)" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989)S. Seppälä/P. Virtanen/N. Tesco7.33
14."That's Alright" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989)A. Crudup1.30
15."I'm Gonna Roll" (from We Cum from Brooklyn, 1992)D. Lindholm3.07
16."Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (from Happy Together, 1994)B. Dylan6.23


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