Leningrad Cowboys Go America (album)

Leningrad Cowboys go America is a 1989 album by the Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys and also the soundtrack of the film of the same name directed by Aki Kaurismäki.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America
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Leningrad Cowboys Go America
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Singles from Leningrad Cowboys Go America
  1. "Thru the Wire (Short Film)"
    Released: 1991

Track listing

1."L.A. Woman"Jim MorrisonJim Morrison4:55
2."Thru the Wire (Short Film)"Nick TescoSilu Seppälä5:25
3."Rocky VI"TescoSilu Seppälä/Pekka Virtanen7:33
4."Marching" Mauri Sumén1:18
5."Flight AY 105" Sumén2:09
6."Sunday Morning" Sumén2:49
7."Highway" Sumén1:59
8."Blue Swing" Sumén1:40
9."On the Road" Sumén3:02
10."Glamour Cowboy" Sumén2:02
11."No Man's Land" Sumén1:55
12."Ten Lost Gringos" Sumén2:57
13."Mambo from Säkkijärvi" Sumén1:59
14."Desconsolado" Desconcido3:27
15."Ballad of the Leningrad Cowboy"TescoMark Smith2:39
16."Tequila" Chuck Rio1:08
17."Chasing the Light"TescoSmith2:20

The German and Japanese track listings have a different order and add two additional tracks:


  • Mato Valtonen - Vocals
  • Sakke Järvenpää - Vocals
  • Saku Kuosmanen - Vocals
  • Silu Seppälä - Bass guitar
  • Oinonen - Guitar
  • Virtanen - Guitar
  • Pimme Korhonen - Drums
  • Mauri Sumén - Keyboard, accordion


"Thru the Wire" (Short Film) was released as a single in Germany to support this album

BMG Ariola, Choldwig/664 134 (Germany)
  1. "Thru the Wire" (Short Film)
  2. "L.A. Woman" (Short Film)
  3. "Ballad of the Leningrad Cowboys"
  4. "Mambo From Säkkijärvi"


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