Lehigh Mountain Hawks men's lacrosse

The Lehigh Mountain Hawks men's lacrosse team represents Lehigh University in NCAA Division I college lacrosse.

Lehigh Mountain Hawks
UniversityLehigh University
Head coachKevin Cassese (since 2008 season)
LocationBethlehem, Pennsylvania
ConferencePatriot League
ColorsBrown and White
Pre-NCAA era championships
(11) – 1890, 1893, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1920, 1921, 1959
NCAA Tournament appearances
(2) - 2012, 2013
Conference Tournament championships
(2) - 2012, 2013
Conference regular season championships
(3) - 1999, 2012, 2013


Early national titles

According to Lehigh's Epitome Yearbook, lacrosse was introduced at Lehigh in 1884 and four years later, Lehigh entered the Inter-collegiate Lacrosse Association, mostly through the efforts of Arnold K. Reese, an 1889 graduate, who captained and trained the team throughout his college career. Lehigh played its first varsity lacrosse game on May 9, 1885 against Stevens Tech.

According to the Lehigh Burr, Lehigh was a top team in the early years of inter-collegiate lacrosse. Lehigh was third in 1888, second in 1889, and was voted the National Champion in 1890. In what was billed as a "Championship Series" that season, Lehigh defeated Princeton, Johns Hopkins and Stevens Tech to win the title.

Since starting lacrosse, the team has amassed a record of 575–669–10.

Cassese years

The coach is currently Kevin Cassese, who is in his seventh year at that position.[1]

Lehigh has made two appearances in the NCAA Tournament, with the first coming in 2012.[2] They earned an automatic bid into the tournament by winning the Patriot League conference tournament over Bucknell, 13–9.[3]

Their first NCAA Tournament game ended in defeat, losing 10–9 against Maryland, after being seeded number seven in the tournament.[4] The Mountain Hawks made the tournament again in 2013, in which they lost to North Carolina.[5]

Season Results

The following is a list of Lehigh’s season results since the institution of NCAA Division I in 1971:

Season Coach Overall Conference Standing Postseason
Steve Jacobson (Independent) (1971–1972)
1971 Steve Jacobson 8-3
Steve Jacobson: 8-3
Tom Gilburg (Independent) (1972–1975)
1972 Tom Gilburg 5-7
1973 Tom Gilburg 8-4
1974 Tom Gilburg 3-9
1975 Tom Gilburg 5-6
Tom Gilburg: 21-26
John Luckhardt (Independent) (1976–1978)
1976 John Luckhardt 5-6
1977 John Luckhardt 6-6
1978 John Luckhardt 7-5
John Luckhardt: 18-17
Harry Price (Independent) (1979–1980)
1979 Harry Price 7-5
1980 Harry Price 7-6
Harry Price: 14-11
Pete vonHoffman (Independent) (1981–1981)
1981 Pete vonHoffman 3-10
Pete vonHoffman: 3-10
Jeff Tipping (Independent) (1982–1982)
1982 Jeff Tipping 2-12
Jeff Tipping: 2-12
Bob Shape (Independent) (1983–1984)
1983 Bob Shape 5-9
1984 Bob Shape 4-10
Bob Shape: 9-19
John McCloskey (Independent) (1985–1990)
1985 John McCloskey 6-8
1986 John McCloskey 8-6
1987 John McCloskey 9-5
1988 John McCloskey 5-8
1989 John McCloskey 2-7
1990 John McCloskey 2-12
John McCloskey (Patriot League) (1991–2001)
1991 John McCloskey 5-82-3T-4th
1992 John McCloskey 7-73-2T-2nd
1993 John McCloskey 10-53-2T-2nd
1994 John McCloskey 12-34-12nd
1995 John McCloskey 8-64-12nd
1996 John McCloskey 5-92-34th
1997 John McCloskey 11-44-12nd
1998 John McCloskey 6-73-2T-2nd
1999 John McCloskey 7-64-1T-1st
2000 John McCloskey 7-72-4T-5th
2001 John McCloskey 4-102-4T-4th
John McCloskey: 114-11833-24
Chris Wakely (Patriot League) (2002–2007)
2002 Chris Wakely 5-92-45th
2003 Chris Wakely 5-92-45th
2004 Chris Wakely 4-102-56th
2005 Chris Wakely 9-53-34th
2006 Chris Wakely 8-74-2T-3rd
2007 Chris Wakely 4-92-45th
Chris Wakely: 35-4915-22
Kevin Cassese (Patriot League) (2008–Present)
2008 Kevin Cassese 6-92-45th
2009 Kevin Cassese 4-112-4T-4th
2010 Kevin Cassese 8-72-4T-5th
2011 Kevin Cassese 7-93-34th
2012 Kevin Cassese 14-35-1T-1stNCAA Division I First Round
2013 Kevin Cassese 12-56-01stNCAA Division I First Round
2014 Kevin Cassese 13-56-23rd
2015 Kevin Cassese 7-93-5T-6th
2016 Kevin Cassese 6-94-45th
2017 Kevin Cassese 7-74-4T-4th
2018 Kevin Cassese 10-75-34th
2019 Kevin Cassese 9-85-3T-2nd
Kevin Cassese: 103-8947-37

      National champion         Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion         Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion       Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

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