Lego Technic

Lego Technic /ˈtɛknɪk/ is a line of Lego interconnecting plastic rods and parts. The purpose of this series is to create more advanced models with more complex technical functions, compared to the simpler brick-building properties of normal Lego.

Lego Technic
Other namesExpert Builder
Technical Lego
Availability1977 (1977)–Present
Total sets418 Technic
18 Power Functions
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The concept was introduced as the Expert Builder series and originally Technical Sets in 1977,[1] and was renamed Technic in 1982[2].

Technic sets are often characterised by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and pins. Other special pieces include beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed.[3] Some sets also come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. In recent years, Technic pieces have begun filtering down into other Lego sets as well, including the BIONICLE sets (which were once sold as part of the Technic line), as well as a great many others.

The style of Lego Technic sets has been changing over time. Technic sets produced since the year 2000 use a different construction method, described as "studless construction". (Studs are the small circular knobs which appear on traditional Lego bricks.) This method utilises beams and pins rather than Technic bricks.

Mindstorms, a Lego line of robotic products, also uses many Technic pieces, although it is sold as a separate line of products. The latest generation of the Mindstorms range, the Mindstorms EV3 range (released September 2013), as well as the Mindstorms NXT sets (released August 2006), are based on the studless construction method.

Lego Technic Components

Lego Technic system expands on the normal Lego bricks with a whole range of new bricks that offer new function and building styles. The most significant change from normal Lego is that single-stud wide bricks ('beams') have circular holes through their vertical face. These holes can accommodate pins, which enable two beams to be held securely together side-by-side, or hinged at an angle. The holes also act as bearings for axles, on which gears and wheels can be attached to create complex mechanisms. Studless beams (studs are the bumps traditionally associated with Lego parts), referred to as 'liftarms', were first introduced in 1989 and through the 1990s and 2000s, an increasing number of liftarm designs have been introduced over time.


Gears have been included within Lego Technic sets since 1977 as a way of transferring rotary power, and of gearing-up or down the speed. Gears come in several sizes: 8 tooth, 16 tooth, 24 tooth and 40 tooth spur gears; 12 tooth, 20 tooth and 36 tooth double bevel gears; and 12 tooth and 20 tooth single bevel gears. The double bevel gears are cut so they can also be meshed as spur gears. There is also a 16 tooth clutch gear, and a 24 tooth friction gear that slips when a certain amount of torque is put on it to prevent motors from damaging any parts or burning themselves out.

In addition to standard gears, some kits include a rack, a clutch and even worm gears and differential gears. The original differential had a 28 tooth bevel gear, designed to be meshed with the 14 tooth bevel gears (replaced by the 12 tooth gears) to give 2:1 reduction. They can also be meshed with the newer double bevel gears. It was replaced by a newer design incorporating 16 tooth and 24 tooth gears on opposite sides of the casing. The casing holds three 12 tooth bevel gears inside.

As of 2008, an updated version of the original differential has been released, optimised for studless construction.

Chain links were also introduced as an additional way of connecting gears. Tension (resulting from the correct number of chain-link parts used), along with the combination of gearwheel-sizes used, is critical to reliable operation. 8-tooth gears are not recommended for this purpose.


Lego Technic system has always included a variety of different electric motors. Broadly, these divide into those powered by batteries, held in a connected battery box, or by mains electricity, via a transformer. Battery-power is the most common.

The very earliest motors (p/n x469b) were 4.5 volt, and consisted of a modified "Electric Train Motor" (p/n x469) and along with the 4 driven bushes for wheels added an axle hole enabling axles of different lengths to be used. While these were released in kits with Technic parts they were not sold as Technic motors.

The first dedicated Technic motor was a 4.5 volt rounded brick (p/n 6216m) released in 1977 as part of the Expert Builder Power Pack (960-1) and Supplementary Set (870-1), this output via a small protruding axle that would rotate when the motor was powered. The motor was not geared, resulting in high-RPM, low-torque output. Gearboxes and a square casing were available. A 12 volt motor of the same physical dimensions as the 4.5 volt motor was also available in set 880-1. The 12 volt version is visually distinguishable by being black, rather than grey.

The 4.5 volt motor was replaced by a similar but square 9 volt motor in 1990.

Recent motors contain an axle hole enabling axles of different lengths to be used.


Technic Minifigures

Technic Figures are figures that appeared in Technic sets, appearing sporadically but heavily featured in the CyberSlam/Competition line. They were first introduced in 1986 in the Arctic Action line, and were produced until 2001. They are much larger and have several more joints than the standard minifigure, including bendable elbow and knee-joints. Each figure comes already assembled and is not meant to come apart, but parts can be popped off by pulling too hard. They can connect to both standard Lego System bricks and on Technic parts, and Technic pegs can fit in their hands. 27 different kinds of Technic figures were created,[4] some sets included the same figures but with different accessories and stickers.

Technic Action Figures

In 1999 Lego Technic Introduced Lego Slizers (known as Throwbots in the US) which were colorful action figures built with Lego Technic parts and branded under Lego Technic. The Slizer sets were released between 1999 and 2000 consisting of 10 main figures Torch, Ski, Turbo, Scuba, Jet, Amazon, Granite, and Electro, Flare, Spark, and 2 Titan figures Millennium and Blaster. Slizers was later replaced by Lego RoboRiders in 2000. RoboRiders were similar in concept to Slizers with Technic Built figures with 6 main figures Swamp, Lava, Frost, Onyx, Dust, Power 4 mini builds and The Boss (Known as Super RoboRider internationally). RoboRiders was later replaced by Bionicle the next year which later spun off into its own line and isn't considered part of Lego Technic.

"Studded" (Beams) versus "Studless" (Liftarms)

Although liftarms (studless beams) have been present in Technic sets since 1989, the change from primarily studded to primarily studless construction around the year 2000 represented a major paradigm shift and has been quite controversial. Initially liftarms were used primary as styling parts, or to create smaller sub-assemblies which attached to a studded chassis. With an increasing number of liftarm designs introduced, a tipping point was reached around the year 2000 with models introduced primarily constructed from liftarms instead of traditional beams.

The primary advantage of studless construction is the addition of new construction methods that were previously unavailable. Liftarms are exactly 1 unit width high, in contrast to studded beams, which are a non-integer multiple of one unit. It can be awkward to use studded beams in vertical structures because it is necessary to insert plates between the studded beams in order to get the holes to line up. Studless beams allow greater flexibility when building in multiple dimensions, while remaining compatible with "classic" studded beams. Some builders also believe that models constructed with studless beams look nicer than their studded counterparts.[5]

However, studless construction also introduces disadvantages. Studless construction is not immediately intuitive, requiring the builder to think five or six steps ahead.[6] While studded construction follows the classic bottom-to-top building pattern, studless construction requires building inside-to-outside.[7] Studless constructions are noted to often be more flexible than an equivalent studded construction. This is due to the amount of flex in the clip-based pins which are used to attach studdless parts together, whereas studs provide a more rigid friction fit.

As of 2005, Lego has begun to re-incorporate studded bricks back into the Technic line, which can be seen in sets such as 8421 (found on Peeron), Mobile Crane. However, studded bricks are used primarily as to mount front grills in vehicles while transparent plates are used for lights.

Power Functions

In late 2007, a new motor system was released called Power Functions; it was included within Lego set 8275 Motorized Bulldozer. It comprised a set of motors, two IR receivers, remote control and a battery box, thus resulting in a remote-control model.

With these sets it is possible to build or convert manually-operated mechanical movement to motorized using electric motors which are controlled via switches or IR remote control. Future plans for this set include more parts which will add even more function/control possibilities.. Lego has already started to design and sell Lego Technic models (sets) which can be easily retrofitted with the Power Functions system. For example, models like the 8294 Excavator and 8295 Telescopic Handler are sold like classic Lego Technic models with manual motorization but are designed with free space for the Power Functions components with factory instructions on how to perform the conversion to an electrically operated model.

Number Name Theme - Subtheme Year Pieces RRP
8293-1 LEGO® Power Functions Motor Set Power Functions - Technic 2008 10 $29.99
8866-1 Train Motor Power Functions - Trains 2009 7 $10.99
8869-1 Polarity Switch Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $5.79
8870-1 Light Set Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $6.49
8871-1 Extension Cable (50cm) Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $3.99
8878-1 Rechargeable Battery Box Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $49.99
8879-1 IR Speed Remote Control Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $12.99
8881-1 Battery Box Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $6.99
8882-1 XL-Motor Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $9.99
8883-1 M-Motor Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $7.49
8884-1 IR Receiver Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $14.99
8885-1 IR Remote Control Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $9.49
8886-1 Extension Cable (20cm) Power Functions - Accessories 2008 1 $2.99
8887-1 Transformer 10V DC Power Functions - Accessories 2009 1 $29.99
88000-1 AAA Battery Box Power Functions - Accessories 2011 1 $12.99
88002-1 Train Motor Power Functions - Trains 2011 7 $13.99
88003-1 L-Motor Power Functions - Accessories 2013 1 $13.99
88004-1 Servo Motor Power Functions - Accessories 2013 1 $24.99

The Power Functions line-up also includes a Linear Actuator currently not sold separately, but already used in many models like the 8294 Excavator and the 8043 Motorised Excavator.


This has a list of Lego Technic Sets

NumberNameTheme - SubthemeYearPiecesMinifigsRRP
850-1Fork-Lift TruckTechnic1977210
853-1Car ChassisTechnic1977601
855-1Mobile CraneTechnic1978512
857-1Motorbike with SidecarTechnic1979409
858-1Auto EnginesTechnic1980242
870-1Technical Motor, 4.5VTechnic - Supplementary197722
871-1Supplementary SetTechnic - Supplementary197778
872-1Two Gear BlocksTechnic - Supplementary197877
874-1Yellow Beams with Connector PegsTechnic - Supplementary197938
875-1Red Beams with Connector PegsTechnic - Supplementary197938
876-1Blue Beams with Connector PegsTechnic - Supplementary197938
877-1Steering Gear PartsTechnic - Supplementary197924
878-1Piston PartsTechnic - Supplementary197952
879-1Gear Wheels with Chain LinksTechnic - Supplementary197987
880-112 Volt MotorTechnic - Supplementary197922
952-1Farm TractorTechnic1978316
954-1Sky CopterTechnic1978365
955-1Mobile CraneTechnic1979512
956-1Auto ChassisTechnic1978599
960-1Power PackTechnic - Supplementary197822
961-1Parts PackTechnic - Supplementary197878
1061-1Single Disc PackTechnic - Slizer19991
1237-1Honda AsimoTechnic200156
1268-1Bike BlasterTechnic199928$2.00
1290-1Lava BuggyTechnic - Robo Riders200035
1291-1Power BikeTechnic - Robo Riders200032
1292-1Frost FlyerTechnic - Robo Riders200033
1293-1Swamp CraftTechnic - Robo Riders200025
2129-1Blast-Off DragsterTechnic199763$7.00
2854-1Bungee ChopperTechnic - Competition199872$7.00
3001-1Propeller BuggyTechnic199929
3005-1Piston CarTechnic199926
3038-1Super ChallengeTechnic - Competition19983662$70.00
5206-1Speed ComputerTechnic200019$20.00
5218-1Pneumatic PackTechnic2000147$28.00
5219-1Silver Wheel Multi PackTechnic200028$30.00
5220-1Vehicle Styling PackTechnic2000221$12.00
5221-1Motorised Base PackTechnic200055$40.00
5222-1Vehicle Chassis PackTechnic2000137$17.00
5223-1Wind-Up MotorTechnic200141$10.00
8003-1Volcano ClimberTechnic - Robo Riders200035
8004-1Dirt BikeTechnic - Robo Riders200032
8005-1Ice ExplorerTechnic - Robo Riders200034
8006-1Swamp CraftTechnic - Robo Riders200025
8020-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1984119
8022-1Multi Model Starter SetTechnic - Universal1993118$15.50
8024-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1989113
8030-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1982141
8032-1Multi Functional Starter SetTechnic - Universal1994215$26.50
8034-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1989187
8035-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1986174
8040-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1984163
8041-1Race TruckTechnic2010608$59.99
8042-1Multi Model Pneumatic SetTechnic - Universal1993230$38.50
8043-1Motorized ExcavatorTechnic20101123$199.99
8044-1Universal Pneumatic SetTechnic - Universal1989198
8045-1Mini TelehandlerTechnic2010117$10.99
8047-1Compact ExcavatorTechnic2010252$24.99
8049-1Tractor with Log LoaderTechnic2010525$59.99
8050-1Universal Motor SetTechnic - Universal1982141
8052-1Container TruckTechnic2010686$69.99
8053-1Mobile CraneTechnic20101289$99.99
8054-1Universal Motor SetTechnic - Universal1989196
8055-1Universal Motor SetTechnic - Universal1986191$34.99
8062-1Briefcase SetTechnic - Universal1994403$68.00
8063-1Tractor with TrailerTechnic20091100$99.99
8064-1Universal Motor SetTechnic - Universal1990219$55.00
8065-1Mini Container TruckTechnic2011119$10.99
8067-1Mini Mobile CraneTechnic2011292$24.99
8068-1Rescue HelicopterTechnic2011408$39.99
8069-1Backhoe LoaderTechnic2011609$59.99
8070-1Super CarTechnic20111281$119.99
8071-1Bucket TruckTechnic2011593$49.99
8074-1Universal Set with Flex SystemTechnic - Universal1991313
8081-1Extreme CruiserTechnic2011590$59.99
8082-1Multi Model Control SetTechnic - Universal1993459$99.00
8090-1Universal SetTechnic - Universal1982266
8094-1Control CentreTechnic - Universal1990546
8109-1Flatbed TruckTechnic20111115$99.99
8110-1Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400Technic20112048$199.99
8202-1Bungee ChopperTechnic - Competition199872$7.00
8203-1Rover DiscoveryTechnic - Microtechnic199837
8204-1Sky Flyer 1Technic - Microtechnic199841
8205-1Bungee BlasterTechnic199763$7.00
8207-1Dune DusterTechnic199686$8.00
8208-1Custom CruiserTechnic - Microtechnic199853
8209-1Future F1Technic - Microtechnic199849
8210-1Nitro GTX bikeTechnic199586$20.00
8213-1Spy RunnerTechnic199898$10.00
8215-1Gyro CopterTechnic1997107$8.00
8216-1Turbo 1Technic199797$10.00
8217-1The WaspTechnic - Microtechnic199864
8218-1Trike TourerTechnic - Microtechnic199870
8223-1Hydrofoil 7Technic19961241
8225-1Road Rally VTechnic1995961
8226-1Mud MasherTechnic1998127$13.00
8229-1Tread TrekkerTechnic19971851$22.00
8230-1Coastal Cop BuggyTechnic19961751$22.00
8232-1Chopper ForceTechnic19972891$25.00
8233-1Blue Thunder vs. The StingerTechnic - Competition19981201
8235-1Front End LoaderTechnic19951651$30.00
8236-1Bike BurnerTechnic - Speed Slammers200060$6.00
8237-1Formula ForceTechnic - Speed Slammers2000115$10.00
8238-1Dueling DragstersTechnic - Speed Slammers2000202$18.00
8239-1Cyber Slam SpiderTechnic - Competition19981201
8240-1Slammer Stunt BikeTechnic - Speed Slammers2001152$15.00
8241-1Battle CarsTechnic - Speed Slammers2001115$9.00
8242-1Slammer TurboTechnic - Speed Slammers2001253$20.00
8245-1Robots RevengeTechnic - Competition19982221$30.00
8246-1Hydro RacerTechnic199946$4.00
8247-1Road RebelTechnic199944$6.00
8250-1Search SubTechnic19973831$49.50
8251-1Sonic CycleTechnic199989$8.00
8252-1Beach BusterTechnic19991831$20.00
8253-1Fire HelicopterTechnic19992101$16.50
8255-1Rescue BikeTechnic19992022$15.00
8257-1Cyber StrikersTechnic - Competition19983672$50.00
8258-1Crane TruckTechnic20091877$149.99
8259-1Mini BulldozerTechnic2009165$9.99
8261-1Rally TruckTechnic2009198$24.99
8263-1Snow GroomerTechnic2009590$49.99
8265-1Front LoaderTechnic20091061$79.99
8266-1Spyder SlayerTechnic - Competition19983662$70.00
8268-1Scorpion AttackTechnic - Competition1999851$15.00
8269-1Cyber StingerTechnic - Competition19993451$40.00
8270-1Rough Terrain CraneTechnic2007106$9.99
8271-1Wheel LoaderTechnic2007200$19.99
8273-1Off Road TruckTechnic2007805$49.99
8274-1Combine HarvesterTechnic20071025$69.99
8275-1Motorized BulldozerTechnic20071384$149.99
8277-1Giant Model SetTechnic1997554$40.00
8279-14WD X-TrackTechnic2000449$70.00
8280-1Fire EngineTechnic19954242$55.00
8281-1Mini TractorTechnic2006121$10.00
8282-1Quad BikeTechnic2006200$20.00
8284-1Dune Buggy / TractorTechnic2006872$60.00
8285-1Tow TruckTechnic20061877$119.99
8286-13-In-1 CarTechnic19967342$84.00
8287-1Motor BoxTechnic200693$29.99
8288-1Crawler CraneTechnic2006800$49.99
8289-1Fire TruckTechnic20061035$74.99
8290-1Mini ForkliftTechnic200889$7.99
8291-1Dirt BikeTechnic2008248$24.99
8292-1Cherry PickerTechnic2008726$59.99
8295-1Telescopic HandlerTechnic20081182$89.99
8296-1Dune BuggyTechnic2008199$19.99
8299-1Search SubTechnic199701$50.00
8300-1LEGO Technic GuysTechnic200052$11.00
8305-1Duel BikesTechnic - Competition20001922$30.00
8307-1Stunt RaceTechnic - Competition20003921$90.00
8408-1Desert RangerTechnic1996289$30.00
8414-1Mountain RamblerTechnic1997244$30.00
8415-1Dump TruckTechnic2005284$30.00
8417-1Mag Wheel MasterTechnic1998315$30.00
8418-1Mini LoaderTechnic200566$5.99
8420-1Street BikeTechnic2005506$49.99
8421-1Mobile CraneTechnic20051884$150.00
8422-1Circuit Shock RacerTechnic1995315$33.00
8425-1Black FalconTechnic1996465$49.50
8428-1Concept CarTechnic1998471$44.00
8430-1Mag Wheel MasterTechnic2002318$35.00
8431-1Pneumatic Crane TruckTechnic2002862$85.00
8432-1Concept CarTechnic1998471
8433-1Cool MoversTechnic2004215$13.00
8437-1Future CarTechnic1997419$54.00
8438-1Pneumatic Crane TruckTechnic2003848$85.00
8439-1Front End LoaderTechnic2004582$70.00
8440-1Formula FlashTechnic1995414$54.00
8441-1Fork-Lift TruckTechnic200370$6.00
8443-1Pneumatic Log LoaderTechnic1996327$59.00
8444-1Air EnforcerTechnic1999309$30.00
8445-1Indy StormTechnic1999446$40.00
8446-1Crane TruckTechnic1999582$60.00
8448-1Super Street SensationTechnic19991437$130.00
8450-1The MissionTechnic - Competition1999643
8451-1Dump TruckTechnic2003183$20.00
8453-1Front-End LoaderTechnic2003214$20.00
8454-1Rescue TruckTechnic2003639$70.00
8456-1Fiber Optic Multi SetTechnic1996404$74.00
8457-1Power PullerTechnic20009791$100.00
8458-1Silver ChampionTechnic20001431$170.00
8459-1Pneumatic Front-End LoaderTechnic1997591$82.00
8460-1Pneumatic Crane TruckTechnic1995850$99.00
8462-1Tow TruckTechnic1998774$122.00
8464-1Pneumatic Front-End LoaderTechnic2001591$70.00
8465-1Extreme Off RoaderTechnic2001365$40.00
8466-14x4 Off-RoaderTechnic20011102$119.99
8479-1Barcode Multi-SetTechnic19971280$164.00
8480-1Space ShuttleTechnic19961368$158.00
8482-1CyberMasterTechnic - Competition19989001
8485-1Control Centre IITechnic19951079$219.00
8500-1TorchTechnic - Slizer199933$6.00
8501-1SkiTechnic - Slizer199934$6.00
8502-1TurboTechnic - Slizer199945$6.00
8503-1ScubaTechnic - Slizer199939$6.00
8504-1JetTechnic - Slizer199944$6.00
8505-1AmazonTechnic - Slizer199936$6.00
8506-1GraniteTechnic - Slizer199934$6.00
8507-1ElectroTechnic - Slizer199937$6.00
8508-1Supplementary DiscsTechnic - Slizer19995$2.00
8509-1SwampTechnic - Robo Riders200045$6.00
8510-1LavaTechnic - Robo Riders200035$6.00
8511-1FrostTechnic - Robo Riders200044$6.00
8512-1OnyxTechnic - Robo Riders200037$6.00
8513-1DustTechnic - Robo Riders200046$6.00
8514-1PowerTechnic - Robo Riders200032$6.00
8515-1RoboRider WheelsTechnic - Robo Riders20004$2.00
8516-1Super RoboRiderTechnic - Robo Riders2000125
8520-1Millennium SlizerTechnic - Slizer1999135$20.00
8521-1FlareTechnic - Slizer200044$6.00
8522-1SparkTechnic - Slizer200035$6.00
8523-1BlasterTechnic - Slizer200088$15.00
8620-1Snow ScooterTechnic - Arctic19861001
8640-1Polar CopterTechnic - Arctic19862381
8660-1Arctic Rescue UnitTechnic - Arctic19863852
8680-1Arctic Rescue BaseTechnic - Arctic19865232
8700-1Power PackTechnic - Supplementary198226
8710-1Technical ElementsTechnic - Supplementary1981124
8712-1Technic FiguresTechnic - Supplementary1988103$8.25
8714-1The LEGO Technic GuysTechnic - Supplementary199393$9.00
8720-19V Motor SetTechnic - Supplementary199057$36.00
8735-1Motor Set, 9VTechnic - Supplementary199760$40.00
8808-1F1 RacerTechnic199494$8.75
8810-1Cafe RacerTechnic199180$10.00
8815-1Speedway BanditTechnic199178
8818-1Dune BuggyTechnic1993120$13.25
8820-1Mountain RamblerTechnic1991139
8825-1Night ChopperTechnic1990116
8826-1ATX Sport CycleTechnic199295$10.00
8828-1Front End LoaderTechnic1992175$21.00
8829-1Dune BlasterTechnic1994278
8830-1Rally 6-WheelerTechnic19901711
8836-1Sky RangerTechnic1992273$29.75
8837-1Pneumatic ExcavatorTechnic1992257$47.00
8838-1Shock CycleTechnic1991251$29.75
8839-1Supply ShipTechnic1992532$59.50
8840-1Rally Shock & Roll RacerTechnic19902251
8841-1Dune BuggyTechnic1983180
8843-1Fork-Lift TruckTechnic1984269
8845-1Dune BuggyTechnic1981174$20.00
8846-1Tow TruckTechnic1982379
8848-1Power TruckTechnic1981398
8850-1Rally Support TruckTechnic19903541
8854-1Power CraneTechnic1989516
8855-1Prop PlaneTechnic19885691
8856-1Whirlwind RescueTechnic1991517
8857-1Street ChopperTechnic1993409
8858-1Rebel WreckerTechnic1994461$69.00
8858-2Auto EnginesTechnic1980460$69.00
8860-1Car ChassisTechnic1980668$59.00
8862-1Backhoe GraderTechnic1989671
8865-1Test CarTechnic1988900
8868-1Air Tech Claw RigTechnic1992954$139.00
8872-1Forklift TransporterTechnic1993763$82.00
8880-1Super CarTechnic19941343$130.00
9390-1Mini Tow TruckTechnic2012136$11.99
9391-1Tracked CraneTechnic2012218$19.99
9392-1Quad BikeTechnic2012199$24.99
9394-1Jet PlaneTechnic2012499$49.99
9395-1Pick-Up Tow TruckTechnic2012954$69.99
9397-1Logging TruckTechnic20121308$139.99
9398-14x4 CrawlerTechnic20121327$199.99
41999-14x4 Crawler Exclusive EditionTechnic20131585$199.99
42000-1Grand Prix RacerTechnic20131141$129.99
42001-1Mini Off-RoaderTechnic2013100$12.99
42004-1Mini Backhoe LoaderTechnic2013246$24.99
42005-1Monster TruckTechnic2013329$49.99
42007-1Moto Cross BikeTechnic2013253$39.99
42008-1Service TruckTechnic20131276$129.99
42009-1Mobile Crane MK IITechnic20132606$219.99
42010-1Off-road RacerTechnic2013160$19.99
42011-1Race CarTechnic2013158$19.99
42020-1Twin-rotor HelicopterTechnic2014145$12.99
42022-1Hot RodTechnic2014414$39.99
42023-1Construction CrewTechnic2014833$69.99
42024-1Container TruckTechnic2014948$79.99
42025-1Cargo PlaneTechnic20141297$139.99
42026-1Black Champion RacerTechnic2014137$19.99
42027-1Desert RacerTechnic2014148$19.99
42029-1Customised Pick-Up TruckTechnic20141063$99.99
42030-1Volvo L350F Wheel LoaderTechnic20141636$249.99
42031-1Cherry PickerTechnic2015155$12.99
42032-1Compact Tracked LoaderTechnic2015252$19.99
42033-1Record BreakerTechnic2015125$19.99
42034-1Quad BikeTechnic2015148$19.99
42035-1Mining TruckTechnic2015362$29.99
42036-1Street MotorcycleTechnic2015375$39.99
42037-1Formula Off-RoaderTechnic2015494$59.99
42038-1Arctic TruckTechnic2015913$84.99
42039-124 Hours Race CarTechnic20151219$129.99
42040-1Fire PlaneTechnic2015578$49.99
42041-1Race TruckTechnic2015608$69.99
42042-1Crawler CraneTechnic20151401$149.99
42043-1Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245Technic20152793$229.99
42044-1Display Team JetTechnic2016113$12.99
42045-1Hydroplane RacerTechnic2016180$19.99
42046-1Getaway RacerTechnic2016170$19.99
42047-1Police InterceptorTechnic2016185$19.99
42048-1Race KartTechnic2016345$29.99
42049-1Mine LoaderTechnic2016476$49.99
42050-1Drag RacerTechnic2016647$79.99
42052-1Heavy Lift HelicopterTechnic20161042$139.99
42053-1Volvo EW160ETechnic20161166$119.99
42054-1CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VCTechnic20161977$179.99
42055-1Bucket Wheel ExcavatorTechnic20163929$279.99
42056-1Porsche 911 GT3 RSTechnic20162704$299.99
42057-1Ultralight HelicopterTechnic2017199$19.99
42058-1Stunt BikeTechnic2017140$19.99
42059-1Stunt TruckTechnic2017142$19.99
42060-1Roadwork CrewTechnic2017365$29.99
42062-1Container YardTechnic2017631$59.99
42063-1BMW R 1200 GS AdventureTechnic2017603$59.99
42064-1Ocean ExplorerTechnic20171327$119.99
42065-1RC Tracked RacerTechnic2017370$99.99
42066-1Air Race JetTechnic20171151$159.99
42068-1Airport Rescue VehicleTechnic20171094$99.99
42069-1Extreme AdventureTechnic20172382$179.99
42070-16x6 All Terrain Tow TruckTechnic20171862$289.99
42071-1Dozer CompactorTechnic2018171$19.99
42074-1Racing YachtTechnic2018330$39.99
42075-1First ResponderTechnic2018513$49.99
42077-1Rally CarTechnic20181005$109.99
42078-1Mack AnthemTechnic20182595$179.99
42079-1Heavy Duty ForkliftTechnic2018592$69.99
42080-1Forest HarvesterTechnic20181003$149.99
42081-1Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUXTechnic20181167$139.99
42082-1Rough Terrain CraneTechnic20184057$299.99
42083-1Bugatti ChironTechnic20183599$349.99
42084-1Hook LoaderTechnic2018176$14.99
42088-1Cherry PickerTechnic2019155$9.99
42089-1Power BoatTechnic2019174$14.99
42090-1Getaway TruckTechnic2019128$19.99
42091-1Police PursuitTechnic2019120$19.99
42092-1Rescue HelicopterTechnic2019325$39.99
42093-1Chevrolet Corvette ZR1Technic2019579$49.99
42094-1Tracked LoaderTechnic2019827$79.99
42095-1Remote-Controlled Stunt RacerTechnic2019324$99.99
42096-1Porsche 911 RSRTechnic20191580$149.99
42097-1Compact Crawler CraneTechnic2019920$99.99
42098-1Car TransporterTechnic20192493$179.99
42099-14x4 X-Treme Off-RoaderTechnic2019958$249.99
42100-1Liebherr R 9800Technic20194108$449.99
42110-1Land Rover DefenderTechnic20192573$199.99
45601-1Large HubTechnic - Control+2019
45602-1Large Angular MotorTechnic - Control+2019
66300-1Bonus/Value PackTechnic - Product Collection2008720
66318-1Super Pack 4 in 1Technic - Product Collection2009984
66359-1Super Pack 4 in 1Technic - Product Collection2010804
66397-1Technic Super Pack 4 in 1Technic - Product Collection20111272
66433-1Super Pack 3-in-1Technic - Product collection20121163
880001-1Competition Racers and Stop WatchTechnic - Product collection19983

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