Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick (French: Assemblée législative du Nouveau-Brunswick) is the deliberative assembly of the New Brunswick Legislature, in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. It is located in Fredericton. It was established in Saint John de jure when the colony was created in 1784 but came into session only in 1786, following the first elections in late 1785. It was the lower house in a bicameral legislature until 1891, when its upper house counterpart, the Legislative Council of New Brunswick, was abolished. Its members are called "Members of the Legislative Assembly," commonly referred to as "MLAs".

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

Assemblée législative du Nouveau-Brunswick
59th New Brunswick Legislature
Founded1785 (1785)
Preceded byNova Scotia House of Assembly
Daniel Guitard, Liberal
since 23 October 2018
Blaine Higgs, Progressive Conservative
since 12 February 2019
Denis Landry, Liberal
since 12 February 2019
Political groups
  •   PC (21)

Confidence and supply

  •   PA (3)


Last election
September 24, 2018
Next election
On or before September 26, 2022
Meeting place
Legislative Building, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


Saint John was chosen as the original capital when New Brunswick was formed in 1784 as it was the centre of commerce and the only city at that time.[1] The New Brunswick Legislative Building is the current building that houses the Assembly. It opened in 1882, having been constructed by J.C. Dumaresq, following the destruction of the original building, known as Province Hall, by fire in 1880.

The legislative chamber is designed to have four rows on the government side and three rows on the opposition side. This is because elections have traditionally yielded a strong government majority; in fact on occasion, even with many of the seats on one side of the House, the government has spilled over to the opposition side. Quite often the House is oriented to have only two rows on the opposition benches, in the event of a large opposition adding a third row makes the opposition benches rather crowded.

Seating plan

J.LeBlanc K.Chiasson Horsman Lowe McKee D'Amours
Bourque F.Landry Thériault LePage C.Chiasson M.LeBlanc Arseneau
Arseneault Melanson D.LANDRY Rogers Harvey Harris Kenny COON Mitton
Holder Savoie HIGGS Steeves Shephard AUSTIN Conroy
S.Wilson Flemming Anderson-Mason Gauvin Stewart Cardy DeSaulniers
Wetmore M.Wilson Carr Holland Urquhart Oliver
Northrup Fitch Fairgrieve Crossman

Current members

Name Party Riding First elected Notes
  Mike Holland Progressive Conservative Albert 2018 g.e.
  Denis Landry Liberal Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore 1995 g.e. Opposition Leader
  Brian Kenny Liberal Bathurst West-Beresford 2003 g.e.
  Guy Arseneault Liberal Campbellton-Dalhousie 2018 g.e.
  Isabelle Thériault Liberal Caraquet 2018 g.e.
  Stewart Fairgrieve Progressive Conservative Carleton 2015 by-e.
  Andrew Harvey Liberal Carleton-Victoria 2014 g.e.
  Carl Urquhart Progressive Conservative Carleton-York 2006 g.e.
  Roger Melanson Liberal Dieppe 2010 g.e.
  Jean-Claude D'Amours Liberal Edmundston-Madawaska Centre 2018 g.e.
  Kris Austin People's Alliance Fredericton-Grand Lake 2018 g.e. Third Party Leader
  Stephen Horsman Liberal Fredericton North 2014 g.e.
  David Coon Green Fredericton South 2014 g.e. Third Party Leader
  Dominic Cardy Progressive Conservative Fredericton West-Hanwell 2018 g.e.
  Rick DeSaulniers People's Alliance Fredericton-York 2018 g.e.
  Andrea Anderson-Mason Progressive Conservative Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West 2018 g.e.
  Ross Wetmore Progressive Conservative Gagetown-Petitcodiac 2010 g.e.
     Gary Crossman Progressive Conservative Hampton 2014 g.e.
  Kevin Arseneau Green Kent North 2018 g.e.
  Benoît Bourque Liberal Kent South 2014 g.e.
  Bill Oliver Progressive Conservative Kings Centre 2014 g.e.
  Francine Landry Liberal Madawaska les Lacs-Edmundston 2014 g.e.
  Megan Mitton Green Memramcook-Tantramar 2018 g.e.
  Michelle Conroy People's Alliance Miramichi 2018 g.e.
  Lisa Harris Liberal Miramichi Bay-Neguac 2014 g.e.
  Rob McKee Liberal Moncton Centre 2018 g.e.
  Monique LeBlanc Liberal Moncton East 2014 g.e.
  Ernie Steeves Progressive Conservative Moncton Northwest 2014 g.e.
  Cathy Rogers Liberal Moncton South 2014 g.e.
  Sherry Wilson Progressive Conservative Moncton Southwest 2010 g.e.
  Jeff Carr Progressive Conservative New Maryland-Sunbury 2014 g.e.
  Mary Wilson Progressive Conservative Oromocto-Lincoln-Fredericton 2018 g.e.
  Trevor Holder Progressive Conservative Portland-Simonds 1999 g.e.
  Blaine Higgs Progressive Conservative Quispamsis 2010 g.e. Premier
  Daniel Guitard Liberal Restigouche-Chaleur 2014 g.e. Speaker
  Gilles LePage Liberal Restigouche West 2014 g.e.
  Bruce Fitch Progressive Conservative Riverview 2003 g.e.
  Ted Flemming Progressive Conservative Rothesay 2012 by-e.
  Greg Thompson Progressive Conservative Saint Croix 2018 g.e. Died September 10, 2019
  Glen Savoie Progressive Conservative Saint John East 2010 g.e.
  Gerry Lowe Liberal Saint John Harbour 2018 g.e.
  Dorothy Shephard Progressive Conservative Saint John Lancaster 2010 g.e.
  Brian Gallant Liberal Shediac Bay-Dieppe 2013 by-e. Resigned October 7, 2019
  Jacques LeBlanc Liberal Shediac-Beaubassin-Cap-Pelé 2018 g.e.
  Robert Gauvin Progressive Conservative Shippagan-Lamèque-Miscou 2018 g.e.
  Jake Stewart Progressive Conservative Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin 2010 g.e.
  Bruce Northrup Progressive Conservative Sussex-Fundy-St. Martins 2006 g.e.
  Keith Chiasson Liberal Tracadie-Sheila 2018 g.e.
  Chuck Chiasson Liberal Victoria-la-Vallée 2014 g.e.

Standings changes

Number of members
per party by date
September 10 October 7
  Progressive Conservative 21 21
  Liberal 21 20
  Green 3 3
  People's Alliance 3 3
  Total members 48 47
  Vacant 1 2
Government Majority
4 3
Government with Confidence-and-Supply Partners Majority
0 1

Membership changes in the 59th Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
  September 24, 2018 See List of Members Election day of the 2018 New Brunswick general election
  September 10, 2019 Greg Thompson Saint Croix Progressive Conservative Death
  October 7, 2019 Brian Gallant Shediac Bay-Dieppe Liberal Resignation

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