Legacy (Planetshakers album)

Legacy is a live album from Planetshakers, recorded live at Planetshakers 20th Anniversary Conference in Melbourne, Australia and its sister conferences in Manila, Philippines and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017.[1][2] Integrity Music released the album on 15 September 2017.[3] They worked with Joth Hunt in the production of this album.[4]

Live album by
Released15 September 2017 (2017-09-15)
ProducerJoth Hunt
Planetshakers chronology
Sé Quién Eres Tú

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Louder Than the Music[5]

Signaling in a four star review for Louder Than the Music, Jono Davies states, "This is like worship music that's had more than a few energy drinks. Even if you are not in the mood for high energy worship music, still put this on, this album and its tracks are infectious."[5]

Track listing

1."Alive Again (Live in Manila)"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt4:12
2."Through It All (Live in Melbourne)"Joth Hunt4:18
3."Prophesy (Live in Melbourne)"Andy Harrison4:21
4."We Speak Life (Live in Melbourne)"Joth Hunt8:34
5."Be My Vision (Live in Melbourne)"Mitch Wong6:37
6."Here's My Life (Live in Melbourne)"Sam Evans / Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham6:57
7."You Call Me Beautiful (Live in Melbourne)"Mitch Wong9:41
8."Passion (Live in Melbourne)"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham3:58
9."Drawing Closer (Live in Kuala Lumpur)"Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt4:35
10."A Love I Know (Live in Melbourne)"Joth Hunt8:45
11."All On the Altar (Live in Kuala Lumpur)"Andy Harrison6:27
12."You Are Here (Live in Manila)"Sam Evans / Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham6:20
Total length:72:05

Chart performance

Chart (2017) Peak
US Christian Album Sales (Billboard)[6] 30

Legado (Spanish version)

Planetshakers has also recorded a Spanish version Legacy called Legado. Legado is the third Spanish album of Planetshakers.[7][8][9] Integrity Music released the album on 24 November 2017. They worked with Joth Hunt in the production of this album.[10]

Studio album by
Released24 November 2017 (2017-11-24)
ProducerJoth Hunt
Planetshakers chronology
Heaven on Earth

Track listing

1."Volver a Vivir (Alive Again)"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt3:58
2."En Tempestad (Through It All)"Joth Hunt4:16
3."¡Profetizar! (Prophesy)"Andy Harrison4:19
4."Declaro Vida (We Speak Life)"Joth Hunt7:06
5."Quiero Verte (Be My Vision)"Mitch Wong6:37
6."Aquí Estoy (Here's My Life)"Sam Evans / Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham6:57
7."Me Llamas Hermosa (You Call Me Beautiful)"Mitch Wong6:35
8."Pasión (Passion)"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham3:52
9."Yo Me Acerco (Drawing Closer)"Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt4:23
10."Sé Que Hay Un Amor (A Love I Know)"Joth Hunt8:43
11."En El Altar (All On the Altar)"Andy Harrison6:28
12."Tú Conmigo Estás (You Are Here)"Sam Evans / Andy Harrison / Joth Hunt / Brian "Bj" Pridham6:21
13."Incontenible (Overflow)"Sam Evans / Joth Hunt4:30
Total length:74:00


Adapted from AllMusic.[12]

  • Joth Hunt – vocals, guitar, mixing, composer, producer, cover design, project coordinator
  • Samantha Evans – vocals, composer, cover design
  • Rudy Nikkerud – vocals, guitar Acoustic
  • Chelsi Nikkerud – vocals
  • Juan Muñoz – vocals
  • Lucía Parker – vocals
  • Brian "Bj" Pridham – guitar, composer
  • Andy Harrison – drums, composer
  • Mitch Wong – keyboards, composer
  • Josh Ham – Bass
  • Scott Lim – keyboards
  • Zach Kellock – guitar
  • Matthew Gray – Mastering
  • Joshua Brown – A&R, Artist development
  • Adrian Thompson – A&R, Artist development
  • Timothy Chew – artwork design, cover design
  • Jennifer Bourke – project coordinator
  • Jonathan Brown – executive producer
  • Russell Evans – executive producer


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