Lechtal Alps

The Lechtal Alps (German: Lechtaler Alpen) are a mountain-range in western Austria, and part of the greater Northern Limestone Alps range. Named for the Lech River which drains them north-ward into Germany, the Lechtal Alps occupy the Austrian states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg and are known for their diverse rock structure.

Lechtal Alps
German: Lechtaler Alpen
Parseierspitze with Grinner Glacier
Highest point
Elevation3,036 m (9,961 ft)
Coordinates47°10′28″N 10°28′42″E
StatesTyrol and Vorarlberg
Parent rangeNorthern Limestone Alps
Borders onAllgäu Alps and Ammergau Alps

The highest peaks are, in descending order:

  • Parseierspitze, 3,040 metres (9,970 ft)
  • Dawinkopf, 2,970 metres (9,740 ft)
  • Südlicher Schwarzer Kopf, 2,949 metres (9,675 ft)
  • Gatschkopf, 2,947 metres (9,669 ft)
  • Bocksgartenspitze, 2,939 metres (9,642 ft)
  • Holzgauer Wetterspitze, 2,898 metres (9,508 ft)
  • Oberer Bocksgartenkopf, 2,888 metres (9,475 ft)
  • Vorderseespitze, 2,888 metres (9,475 ft)
  • Freispitze, 2,887 metres (9,472 ft)
  • Eisenspitze, 2,859 metres (9,380 ft)

The highest summit in the eastern part of the Lechtal Alps is the prominent Große Schlenkerspitze (2,827 m).

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