Le tue mani

Le tue mani is a 1970 Easter song written by Marcello Giombini. It has become popular in Sweden as Dina händer är fulla av blommor, with 1972 Swedish-language lyrics by Lars Åke Lundberg.

"Le tue mani"
EnglishYour hands
Textby Marcello Giombini
Melodyby Marcello Giombini
Published1970 (1970)

The song is a so-called response song, which is sung between men and women, and was probably first presented in Sweden at a hymnolog seminary during the early 1970s, before Lars Åke Lundberg wrote lyrics in Sweden. However, he wrote the fourth verse as a prayer to the resurrected Jesus. The 1976 Church Assembly wanted to change lyrics. That caused Lars Åke Lundberg to withdraw his entire propose for lyrics, and all verses were approved.[1]


Swedish-language version

Published as number 154 in:

  • Den svenska psalmboken 1986,[2]
  • 1986 års Cecilia-psalmbok
  • Psalmer och Sånger 1987
  • Segertoner 1988
  • Frälsningsarméns sångbok 1990 under the lines "Påsk" (Easter).


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