Le pillole di Ercole

Le pillole di Ercole is a 1960 Italian comedy film directed by Luciano Salce. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.[1]

Le pillole di Ercole
Film poster
Directed byLuciano Salce
Produced byDino De Laurentiis
Written byLuciano Salce
Maurice Hennequin (play Les Dragées d'Hercule)
Paul Bilhaud (play Les Dragées d'Hercule)
StarringNino Manfredi
CinematographyErico Menczer
Edited byRoberto Cinquini
Release date
  • 1960 (1960)
Running time
85 minutes



When Le pillole di Ercole was first released in Italy in 1960 the Committee for the Theatrical Review of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities rated it as VM16: not suitable for children under 16. In addition, the committee imposed the modification of the following scenes: 1) the scene in which Manfredi and Koscina hug each other on the bed will be shortened; 2) the scene in which Manfredi makes a house call to Valerie (reel 4); 3) the lines in which De Sica says "...I know, when I am with a woman..." until "...a hay barn" must be deleted.[2] Document N° 32710 signed on 3 September 1960 [2] by Minister Renzo Helfer.


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