Le motorizzate

Le motorizzate ("The motorized women") is a 1963 Italian anthology comedy film written and directed by Marino Girolami.[1][2][3]

Le motorizzate
Directed byMarino Girolami
Written bySergio Corbucci
Marino Girolami
Tito Carpi
Beppo Costa
Aldo Grimaldi
Walter Chiari
Music byCarlo Savina
CinematographyMario Fioretti
Edited byEnzo G. Castellari
Release date
Running time
98 min


Five segments. The collision between a van of religious, supporters of the Christian Democrats, and a Fiat 600 with on board a group of young militants of the PCI. Misadventures of a prostitute who works into a caravan placed under a viaduct. A walker faces a foot race to the beat of music. The poor Urbano Cacace impersonates a traffic policeman in order to feed his family. A woman with her brand new car hit a man who tries to take advantage of the incident attempting an insurance scam.



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