Le Tracassin

Le Tracassin ou Les Plaisirs de la ville is a French film directed by Alex Joffé, released in 1961.[1]


The stress of urban living, a new baby and problems with his desire to move in with the beautiful Juliette push André to take too many euphoric pills made in the laboratory where he is employed.[2]


Source: IMDb[1]

  • Direction: Alex Joffé, assisted by D. Mage, F. Boucher, B. Chesnais
  • Screenplay and adaptation: Jean Bernard-Luc, Alex Joffé
  • Script: Jean Bernard-Luc
  • Photography: Marc Fossard ; Paul Rodier and Serge Rapoutet (operators)
  • Sound: René Sarazin
  • Editing: Eric Pluet
  • Music: Georges Van Parys (éditions Manèges)
  • Song: Puisqu'on s'aime, lyrics by Bernard Dimey (éditions Pathé Marconi)
  • Scenery: Rino Mondellini ; Gabriel Béchir
  • Make up: Janine Jarreau
  • Hair: Henry Prévost
  • Production: Pierre Cabaud, René Bézard
  • Production company: Les Films Raoul Ploquin, Pathé Cinéma
  • Distribution company: Consortium Pathé
  • Format: Black and white - 35 mm - 1,37:1 - Monoaural sound (recorded by Poste Parisien)
  • Principal photography: Studios « Franstudio »
  • Prints: Laboratoire G.T.C de Joinville
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Length: 103 minutes
  • Premier: 20 December 1961


Source: IMDb[1]

  • Bourvil: André Loriot, laboratory worker
  • Pierrette Bruno: Juliette, André's mistress
  • Maria Pacôme: Madame Gonzalès, the doctor's mistress
  • Rosy Varte: restaurant patroness
  • Micheline Luccioni: Jeannette, waitress on the restaurant
  • Mireille Perrey: The boss of the Babylis shop
  • Yvonne Clech: Music teacher
  • Dominique Davray: Loriot's concierge
  • Françoise Deldick: A walker
  • Léo Campion: Monsieur Van Hooten
  • Armand Mestral: Doctor Clairac, boss of André and Juliette
  • Jean-Paul Coquelin: A policeman
  • Harry-Max: Monsieur Crollebois, the locksmith
  • Charpini: The hairdresser
  • Mario David: Sports coach
  • Teddy Bilis: The client at table 8
  • Lucien Guervil: Another policeman
  • Jean-Marie Proslier: The neighbour (rôle cut in editing)
  • Étienne Bierry: The policeman in front of the foreign embassy
  • Maurice Garrel: A traffic policeman
  • Pierre Repp: The strawberry lover at the restaurant
  • Antoinette Moya: The laboratory receptionist
  • Alice Sapritch: A woman in the queue at the bank
  • Jacqueline Jefford: A shop assistant at Babylis
  • Diane Wilkinson: The Englishwoman in labour
  • Nicole Chollet: A nurse at the clinic
  • Monique Messine: The florist
  • Jean-Pierre Rambal: A man at the bank, in the restaurant, in the lift...
  • Albert Michel: A man at the clinic
  • Grégoire Gromoff: Another 2CV owner
  • Christian Marin: A cashier at the bank
  • Max Desrau: The man stained at the restaurant
  • Paul Mercey: The man in the phone booth
  • Fulbert Janin: The postman
  • Gaston Ouvrard: A man in the queue at the bank
  • Jean Rupert: Auguste, the restaurant chef
  • Jimmy Perrys: A man on a bicycle
  • Francis Lax: Bus conductor
  • Henri Poirier: The gendarme who speaks
  • Tony Villemin: The employer at the jewellers
  • Chantal Deberg
  • Lucie Arnold
  • Solange Certain
  • Pierre Mirat

About the film

  • The rarely used word "tracassin", was reactivated by Charles de Gaulle in a speech on 2 October 1961.[3]


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