Le Rêve (opera)

Le Rêve is an 1891 opera by Alfred Bruneau to a libretto by Émile Zola based on the author's 1888 novel of the same name.[1]


Role Première
Direction : Jules Danbé
Angélique Cécile Simonnet
Hubertine Blanche Deschamps-Jéhin
Félicien Pierre-Émile Engel
Jean d'Hautecœur Max Bouvet
Hubert Eugène Jérôme Lorrain
Les deux enfants de chœur Jenny Falize et Suzanne Elven


  1. David Mason Greene Greene's Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers 1985 -p 836 0385142781 "He had become fascinated by the novels of Emile Zola and his next effort was based on that author's Le Rêve. ... Messidor in 1897, L'Ouragon (The Hurricane) in 1901--said by many to be Bruneau's masterpiece--and L'Enfant-roi in 1905."
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