Le Far West

Le Far West is a 1973 Belgian-French comedy film directed by Jacques Brel. It was entered into the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.[1] This was Brel's ninth feature film, and his second directorial effort. Brel was obsessed with "le Far West" (the Wild West).[2][3] The film co-starred Gabriel Jabbour, Danielle Evenou, and Arlette Lindon. The film was released 15 May 1973.

Far West
Film poster
Directed byJacques Brel
Written byPaul Andréota
Jacques Brel
StarringJacques Brel
CinematographyAlain Levent
Edited byJacqueline Thiédot
Release date
  • 31 May 1973 (1973-05-31)
Running time
88 minutes


Jacques, a 40-year-old citizen of Brussels, meets the fakir, Abracadabra who, before dying, gives him a special power. Jacques then meets Gabriel, a generous man, who dresses up as Davy Crockett, and who follows Jacques without asking questions. The two companions and other new friends set out to conquer the wild west, their childhood - just as Voltaire sought Eldorado, and Saint-Exupéry the unknown planet. The wild west they seek cannot be found, because it is an imaginary place, a piece of happiness buried in our hearts.[4][5]



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