Le Corsaire (film)

Le Corsaire ("The Pirate") is an unfinished 1939 French film. It marked the screen debut of Louis Jourdan.

Le Corsaire
Directed byMarc Allégret
Written byMarc Allégret
Marcel Achard
Based onthe play by Marcel Achard
StarringMichèle Alfa
Marcel André
Charles Boyer
Louis Jourdan
Release date


Some actors put on a play about a pirate, and find themselves encountering similarities from the play in their own lives.


Charles Boyer returned from Hollywood to appear in the movie which was filmed at Victorine Studios in Nice, August - September 1939. However production ceased on the declaration of war and Boyer returned to America.[1] The film was never completed, although some footage of it was later released.[2]

A documentary about the making of the movie was released in 1995.[3]


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