Lazybones (1935 film)

Lazybones is a 1935 British film directed by Michael Powell. It was made as a Quota quickie.

Directed byMichael Powell
Produced byJulius Hagen
Written byErnest Denny (play)
Gerard Fairlie
StarringClaire Luce
Ian Hunter
Sara Allgood
Music byW.L. Trytel
CinematographyArthur Crabtree
Ernest Palmer
Edited byFrank Harris
Ralph Kemplen
Distributed byRadio Pictures
Release date
24 June 1935
Running time
65 min
CountryUnited Kingdom


Sir Reginald Ford (Ian Hunter), known as "Lazybones", is an idle baronet. He hasn't a care in the world, although he doesn't have any money either. His brother and sister introduce him to Kitty McCarthy (Claire Luce), an American heiress, in the hope that he'll marry her and so gain access to her fortune which will help out his family.

Kitty's cousin Mike (Bernard Nedell) brings Kitty the bad news that she's lost her fortune. Mike is hoping to grab the maps for some Arabian oil fields that are being kept in the house. They are being guarded by two detectives and everybody chasing everybody else whilst trying to get the plans makes an amusing sub-plot.

Back in the main story line, Reginald has discovered that he loves Kitty for herself and doesn't care about her not having a fortune. So they get married, despite the warnings from a pessimistic passer-by who they call in as a witness. Neither of them are broke, but it takes a lot to run the old family pile. Kitty has bought a pub and Reginald and Kitty have some fun serving the regulars there.

Back at the family seat Reginald has found a way to make money from other idle members of the English aristocracy. He sets up a "Home for the Idle Wealthy" and they come to stay (for a fee) and act as butler, gardener, chauffeur etc.



This was made at a time when the studios used to work through the night. The leading actors were both in plays in London, and so after their evening performance they would come out to Twickenham to shoot their parts.


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