Lazarus Component Library

The Lazarus Component Library, abbreviated LCL is a visual software component library for the Lazarus IDE.


The LCL consists of a collection of units that provide components and classes especially for visual tasks. It is based on the Free Pascal libraries RTL and FCL. By binding platform-specific widgetsets it supports platform-sensitive software development for several operating systems including Android, Desktop Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Lazarus source code files is under a mix of licenses: GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2), a modified LGPL, and the MPL.[1]

It was reported on the GitHub Lazarus repository on 26 August 2013 (latest information as of September 2014) that the LCL supported Linux (gtk, gtk2 and qt4), all flavors of Windows including WinCE, Mac OS X (carbon, gtk, qt4), and FreeBSD (gtk, gtk2), with experimental support for Solaris and the native Pascal backend fpgui which runs on Windows, WinCE and Linux.[2]

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