Lawson Graham

Lawson Graham is a studio album by Canadian hip hop producer Factor. It was released on Fake Four Inc. in 2010. It features guest appearances from Gregory Pepper, Cars & Trains, Radical Face, Sole, Myka 9, Ceschi, and Moka Only.[10] It is an ode to Factor's grandfather.[11]

Lawson Graham
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 18, 2010 (2010-05-18)[1]
GenreHip hop
LabelFake Four Inc.
Factor chronology
13 Stories (A Prelude)
Lawson Graham
Woke Up Alone
Professional ratings
Review scores
Music Viceexceptional[4]
The Phoenix[6]
Potholes in My Blog[7]
Toro Magazine4/5[8]
Word Is Bondfavorable[9]

Critical reception

Rick Anderson of AllMusic gave the album 3.5 stars out of 5, saying, "it's emotionally sophisticated rap, and that really is quite unusual."[2] Thomas Quinlan of Exclaim! said, "Lawson Graham is certainly an excellent attempt by Factor to appeal to a wider audience, which is also likely to lead to a greater range of co-conspirators he can work with in the future."[3]

Confront Magazine named it the 2nd best album of 2010.[12]

Track listing

1."Bengough Station"1:04
2."Missed the Train" (featuring Gregory Pepper)2:41
3."Ain't Nothin' Gonna Change" (featuring Barfly and Heresy Mae)3:23
4."Every Morning" (featuring Cars & Trains)4:16
5."Living in a Vacuum" (featuring Radical Face and Sole)3:11
6."Blown Away"0:59
7."Oh Oh Andy" (featuring Nomad)2:37
8."More Than Love" (featuring Kirby Dominant)3:59
9."Mental Illness" (featuring 2Mex)2:56
10."PopStravaganza" (featuring Josh Martinez)4:06
11."They Don't Know" (featuring Pigeon John)3:37
12."That's How I Feel About It" (featuring Myka 9)4:31
13."Stoned As You"1:46
14."The Fall of Captain EO" (featuring Ceschi)3:45
15."Went Away" (featuring Moka Only)2:48
16."Not What They Seem"1:51
17."Battle Scars" (featuring Def3)2:54
18."Lawson Graham"2:22


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