Lawrence "Teddy Boy" Houle

Lawrence "Teddy Boy" Houle is Anishinaabe Métis Fiddler from Ebb and Flow, Manitoba. He started to play at an early age, reportedly teaching himself to play "Red River Valley" on one string.[1] Houle went on to become an influential fiddler and vocalist,[2] recording a number of albums and maintaining an active performance schedule.

Lawrence "Teddy Boy" Houle
Birth nameLawrence Houle
Also known asTay-basse-gay-inin
BornEbb and Flow, Manitoba
GenresFolk, Métis fiddling
InstrumentsFiddle, vocals, jig
LabelsSunshine Sound Studios

Houle had a challenging childhood. His father was absent from his life and his step-father did not value his musical talents.[1]

As a part of the folk revival movement of the 1960s, Houle performed at festivals such as the Mariposa Folk Festival [3] He has also appeared as a fiddler in several films, including "Spirit rider" and "Medicine Fiddler."[4]

In keeping with Metis fiddling style Houle often jigs while playing.[5] His musical style follows in the Métis and indigenous traditions and he has been devoted to a recovery of his Anishinabe heritage in the last twenty years. He has taken on deliberate projects aimed at recovery and renewal of the Ojibway language, including releasing several recordings of Ojibway music. He is an Elder and cultural resource person at Métis Calgary Family Service Society where he facilitates a variety of workshops.[6]


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