Law Men

Law Men is a 1944 American film directed by Lambert Hillyer. Released by Monogram Pictures, it is one of the Western film series featuring Nevada Jack McKenzie and Sandy Hopkins.

Law Men
Directed byLambert Hillyer
Produced byCharles J. Bigelow (supervising producer)
Written byGlenn Tryon (story and screenplay)
StarringSee below
CinematographyHarry Neumann
Edited byJohn C. Fuller
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
April 1944
Running time
58 minutes
54 minutes (American Alpha Video Print)
CountryUnited States

The film is also known as Lawmen (American alternative spelling).

Plot summary

Two United States Marshals ride into the town of Verdine undercover and separately. The town has been plagued by recurring robberies of the same bank and the stagecoach when shipments of gold are aboard. Sandy rides in during a bank robbery in progress and kills one of the robbers. Posing as a cobbler Sandy is dismayed when the town rewards him with the vacant fully equipped shop of the deceased cobbler, a trade Sandy knows nothing about. Jack trails the outlaw gang and poses as an outlaw on the run to join the gang to replace their late member. Both law men realize that the gang is getting inside information on the bank and the gold shipments and must identify the source before bringing the outlaws to justice.



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