Laurel Prize

The Laurel Prize (ローレル賞, Rōreru Shō) is an award presented annually in Japan since 1961 by the Japan Railfan Club. It is awarded for railway vehicles that entered service in the previous year and voted by the selection committee as having the most outstanding functional and design features.[1]

Award winners

The list of award winners since 1961 is as follows.[2]

119612000/2300 series EMUHankyu Railway
21962401/421 series EMUJNR
319633000 series EMUKeio Corporation
419645000 series EMUKeio Corporation
519653000 series EMUSanyo Electric Railway
61966A830 series tramcarSapporo Streetcar
719670 series OS Car EMUNagano Electric Railway
81968Not awardedN/A
919696000 series EMUToei
10197060 series EMUOsaka Municipal Subway
111971Mo 600 series tramcarNagoya Railroad
1219726000 series EMUTRTA (now Tokyo Metro)
1319739000 series EMUOdakyu Electric Railway
1419742000 series EMUNishi-Nippon Railroad
15197524/25 series coachJNR
EH Class electric locomotiveKurobe Gorge Railway
161976KiHa 66/67 DMUJNR
8500 series EMUTokyu Corporation
5000 series EMUFujikyu
1719771000 series EMUJoshin Electric Railway
6000 series EMUSapporo Municipal Subway
181978Toei 7000 series tramcarToei
1000 series EMUKobe Municipal Subway
191979800 series EMUKeikyu Corporation
50 series coachJNR
201980100 series EMUNagoya Railroad
7000 series EMUHokusō Railway
14760 series EMUToyama Chihō Railway
211981117 series EMUJNR
2000 series tramcarNagasaki Tramway
2219821000 series EMUFukuoka City Transportation Bureau
231983200 Series ShinkansenJNR 
8200 seriesKumamoto City Transportation Bureau
2419846000 series EMUKeihan Electric Railway
25198501 seriesTRTA (now Tokyo Metro)
HaIMo 180 DMUTarumi Railway
26198610000 series EMUNankai Electric Railway 
100 Series ShinkansenJNR
2719878000 series EMUKita-Osaka Kyuko Railway
7000 series EMUKintetsu
KiHa 185 series DMUJNR
2819881000 series EMUSendai City Transportation Bureau
291989783 series Hyper Saloon EMUJR Kyushu
301990221 series EMUJR West
2000 series "TSE" DMUJR Shikoku
311991251 seriesJR East 
70 series EMUOsaka Municipal Subway
321992253 series Narita Express EMUJR East
KiHa 200 series DMUJR Kyushu
331993300 Series ShinkansenJR Central
Class EF200 electric locomotiveJR Freight
341994Class DF200 "Eco-Power Red Bear" diesel locomotiveJR Freight
351995KiHa 281 series DMUJR Hokkaido 
361996383 series EMUJR Central
KoKi 71 "Car Rack System" freight wagonJR Freight
371997731 series EMUJR Hokkaido 
3819989700 series tramcarKumamoto City Transportation Bureau
900 series Kirara EMUEizan Electric Railway
5800 series EMUKintetsu
391999Skyrail 200 seriesSkyrail Service
4020005000 series Green Mover tramcarHiroden
700 Series ShinkansenJR Central/JR West
209-950 series (now E231-900 series) EMUJR East
412001Mo 800 tramcarNagoya Railroad
3220/5820/9020 series "Series-21" EMUKintetsu
422002KiHa 187 series DMUJR West
4320039200 series "Momo" tramcarOkayama Electric Tramway
1000 series "U-tram" tramcarKagoshima City Transportation Bureau
442004Not awardedN/A
452005800 Series ShinkansenJR Kyushu 
3000 series tramcarNagasaki Electric Tramway
4620062000 series μSky EMUNagoya Railroad
100 series LinimoAichi Rapid Transit
5100 series Green Mover Max tramcarHiroshima Electric Railway
3000 series EMUFukuoka City Transportation Bureau
472007E233 series EMUJR East
3000 series EMUNishi-Nippon Railroad
482008E721 series/SAT721 EMUJR East/Sendai Airport Transit
KiHa E200 DMUJR East
492009T1000 series tramcarToyohashi Railroad
3000 series Comfort Saloon EMUKeihan Electric Railway
50201022600 series Ace EMUKintetsu
51201116000 series EMUTokyo Metro
522012Class HD300-900 hybrid locomotiveJR Freight
532013(No award)-
542014E6 Series ShinkansenJR East
F1000 series "Fukuram" tramcarFukui Railway
552015EV-E301 series battery EMUJR East
3000 series EMUHakone Tozan Railway
562016HB-E210 series hybrid DMUJR East
New 260 series EMUYokkaichi Asunarou Railway
572017E235 series EMUJR East
ET122-1000 "Setsugekka" DMUEchigo Tokimeki Railway
A3000 series EMUShizuoka Railway
582018E353 series EMUJR East
500 series "Revaty" EMUTobu Railway
7500 series "U-Tram III" EMUKagoshima City Tram

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