Laura (1968 film)

Laura is a 1968 American TV film, a remake of the 1944 film of the same name. It was directed by John Llewellyn Moxey and written by Truman Capote and Thomas Phipps.[1] David Susskind produced.[2]

The film was also remade for television in Laura (1955).



Truman Capote was friends with Lee Radziwill who wanted to act and had made her stage debut in a revival of The Philadelphia Story. He met up with David Susskind and told him "Lee Radiziwill is going to be an actress and I think we should all put something together for her.I'm sure that she'll be so good I'll write it for her myself."[3]

Susskind thought Radziwill "wasn't very good" in her stage performance "but I thought maybe I saw a glimmer of something in her performance. The television companies had noticed the publicity, so it looked like we could set something up."[3]

Capote wrote an adaptation of Voice of the Turtle for her but Susskind worried it would be too difficult. So he suggested they do Laura.[4]

Michael Dyne reportedly rewrote Capote's script.[5]

The show was taped in London in October 1967. Robert Stack and George Sanders reprised roles they had performed on TV in the 1955 version.[6][3]


Critical reception to Radziwill's performance was hostile.[7] The Chicago Tribune called it the "worst drama" of the season in which Radziwill was "unbelievably bad".[8] Another review in The Washington Post said it was "disappointing all round."[9] The New York Times called it "so laboured and so dull that the occasion was just a laboured walk through."[10]


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