Laughing at Death

Laughing at Death was a 1929 thriller directed by Wallace Fox for Film Booking Offices of America. The script was written by Frank Howard Clark and Helen Gregg, and the film starred Bob Steele and Natalie Joyce.[1]

Laughing at Death
Directed byWallace Fox
Screenplay byFrank Howard Clark
Helen Gregg
StarringBob Steele
Natalie Joyce
CinematographyVirgil Miller
Edited byDella M. King
Distributed byFilm Booking Offices of America
Release date
June 2, 1929 (U.S.)


A young American college athlete meets the prince of a European country while spending time on an ocean liner over his summer vacation. The two look practically identical, and he agrees to help the price escape a plot against him by switching places for a period of time. Trouble ensues.[2][3]



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