Latin American Series

The Latin American Series (Spanish: Serie Latinoamericana) is a baseball competition that annually gathers the champions of the professional winter baseball leagues (summer in the case of Curaçao) from the countries that are part of the Latin American Professional Baseball Association (ALBP). In the case of Mexico, the representative is the champion of Liga Invernal Veracruzana.[1] Often, teams who qualify for this competition receive loan players from other teams in their respective leagues in order to improve their country's chance of winning. [2]

Latin American Series
Current season, competition or edition:
2019 Latin American Series
Inaugural season2013
Countries Argentina
Most recent
Leones de León (1st title)


On February 10, 2012, the then president of the Colombian Professional Baseball League, together with executives of Liga Invernal Veracruzana, organized the Mexico-Colombia International Baseball Series between the champions of both competitions, where the Colombian champions, Toros de Sincelejo and Veracruz champions, Brujos de Los Tuxtlas, met in a 3-game series at Estadio Once de Noviembre in Cartagena, Colombia, with the Colombian outfit winning two games to one. [3]

With the creation of the Latin American Professional Baseball Association in late-2012, the idea of creating a series that would integrate Latin American professional baseball teams materialised. As a result, the first Latin American Series was held from February 1 to 4, 2013 in Veracruz, Mexico. The first five editions of the series only contained teams from Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico and Panama until the first expansion of the competition in 2018. This expansion included Curaçao, who had just created a professional league, followed by Argentina in 2019, with the intention of inviting Chile once a professional league is set up. [4]

The rules of the competition match those of the World Baseball Classic and the teams wear their respective nation's national team uniform rather than their own for the duration of the series. [5]

Leagues participating

Argentine Baseball League 2019-
Colombian Professional Baseball League 2013-
Curaçao Baseball League 2018-
Curaçao Winter League of Baseball Not yet entered
Veracruz State League 2017-2018
Liga Invernal Veracruzana 2013-2016, 2019-
Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League 2013-
Panamanian Professional Baseball League 2013-
Chilean Organized Baseball League Not yet entered



YearHost CityChampionsResultRunners UpHead Coach
Veracruz Brujos de Los Tuxtlas
Tigres de Chinandega Pedro Meré
Montería Tigres de Cartagena
Brujos de Los Tuxtlas Donaldo Méndez
Panama City Leones de Montería
Caballos de Coclé Luis Urueta
Managua Gigantes de Rivas
Caimanes de Lorica Germán Mesa
Montería Tigres de Chinandega
Leones de Montería Lenin Picota
Managua Tigres de Chinandega
Tobis de Acayucan Lenin Picota
Veracruz Leones de León
Tobis de Acayucan Sandor Guido
Panama City TBD

Championships by team

Tigres de Chinandega 2 2017, 2018
Brujos de Los Tuxtlas 1 2013
Tigres de Cartagena 1 2014
Leones de Montería 1 2015
Gigantes de Rivas 1 2016
Leones de León 1 2019

Championships by nation

Nicaragua 4 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Colombia 2 2014, 2015
Mexico 1 2013

All-time table

By team

Pos.TeamApps.PWL%Last App.Best result
1. Leones de León17701.0002019Champions (2019)
2. Tigres de Chinandega31192.8182018Champions (2017, 2018)
3. Leones de Montería2963.6672017Champions (2015)
4. Panamá Metro1321.6672017Group Phase (2017)
5. Tigres de Cartagena1532.6002014Champions (2014)
6. Brujos de Los Tuxtlas31165.5452015Champions (2013)
7. Gigantes de Rivas2844.5002016Champions (2016)
8. Nacionales de Panamá1422.5002016Third place (2016)
9. Indios del Bóer1422.5002015Third place (2015)
10. Tobis de Acayucan31679.4382019Runners-up (2018, 2019)
11. Caballos de Coclé2734.4292015Runners-up (2015)
12. Falcons de Córdoba1523.4002019Group Phase (2019)
13. Indios de Urracá1523.4002014Third place (2014)
14. Chileros de Xalapa2936.3332019Semi-finals (2019)
15. Toros de Herrera1624.3332019Semi-finals (2019)
16. Caimanes de Barranquilla31349.3082019Runners-up (2016)
17. Wildcats KJ741413.2502018Third place (2018)
18. Bravos de Urracá1303.0002018Group Phase (2018)

By nation

Pos.TeamApps.PWL%Best result
1. Nicaragua 730228.733Champions (2016, 2017, 2018,2019)
2. Colombia 6271314.481Champions (2014, 2015)
3. Mexico 7361620.444Champions (2013)
4. Argentina 1523.400Group Phase (2019)
5. Panama 7281117.393Runners-up (2015)
6. Curaçao 1413.250Third place (2018)

Television rights

Year Network(s)
2013 RTV
2014, 2016 Claro Sports
2015 TVMax
2017 YouTube [8]
2018 Viva Nicaragua [9]
2019 TVMÁS

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