Larceny on the Air

Larceny on the Air is a 1937 American film directed by Irving Pichel.

Larceny on the Air
Directed byIrving Pichel
Produced byNat Levine (producer)
Sol C. Siegel (associate producer)
Written byRichard English (screenplay)
Endre Bohem (screenplay)
Richard English (story)
CinematographyJack A. Marta
Edited byEdward Mann
Release date
  • 1937 (1937)
Running time
67 minutes
53 minutes (American edited version)
CountryUnited States

Plot summary

Dr. Lawrence Baxter runs a medical-themed radio show and frequently denounces the phony radium-based "medicine" being sold by Ronald Kennedy. After one of his patients his kidnapped by Kennedy's thugs, Baxter teams up with the police, and pretends to join Kennedy's business to gain evidence of criminal activity.



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