Landmark Office Towers Complex

The Landmark Office Towers is a complex of three historically renovated 1930-completed 259 foot 22 story high-rises that are located on the property of Tower City Center in Downtown Cleveland's Public Square district.[1] The building features very deep recesses on its south side. Actually, the building is three towers in one. These are the Midland Bank Building, the Medical Arts Building, and the Builders Exchange Building. The complex was to include a fourth tower that was never completed and so there is still an empty space where that tower was to go to the present day.[2]

Landmark Office Towers
Former namesMidland Building, Republic Building, Guildhall Building, Medical Arts Building
General information
Location101 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44114 United States
Construction started1928
Roof78.94 m (259 ft)
Technical details
Floor count22
Design and construction
ArchitectGraham, Anderson, Probst & White


The towers are the 1920s example of what architects thought future buildings would look like as defined by the art deco movement. They were built at a time when Cleveland's population had reach nearly a million and so there was a demand for more and more office space in the city's central business district.[3] It was hoped by the developers, the railroad and real estate magnates Van Sweringen Brothers, that the buildings would serve this need therefore they invested some $20 million in the project.[4] The towers still sit on some of the most expensive and prized land in the city, making them a vital magnet for Cleveland big business. This can be exemplified by the fact the fortune 500 Sherwin-Williams calls the complex home, having purchased the three buildings in 1985 [5]

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