Landgravine Victoria of Hesse-Rotenburg

Viktoria of Hesse-Rotenburg (Anna Viktoria Maria Christina; 25 February 1728 1 July 1792[1]) was a princess of Hesse by birth, and the Princess of Soubise by marriage. Her husband was a renowned French commander, known as the Maréchal de Soubise. She died without descendants.

Viktoria of Hesse-Rotenburg
Princess of Soubise
Born(1728-02-25)25 February 1728
Rotenburg an der Fulda, Hesse-Rotenburg
Died1 July 1792(1792-07-01) (aged 64)
Paris, France
Charles, Prince of Soubise (m. 17451787)
FatherJoseph, Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Rotenburg
MotherChristine of Salm
ReligionRoman Catholicism


Born in Rotenburg an der Fulda to Joseph, Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Rotenburg and his wife, she was the eldest of four children.[1]

She married Charles de Rohan, prince de Soubise on 23 December 1745 at the château des Rohan in Saverne.[1] He was head of the cadet branch of the wealthy and powerful House of Rohan, which, enjoyed the rank of princes étrangers at the court of Versailles.

Her husband was a two-time widower, having been married first to Anne Marie Louise de La Tour d'Auvergne[2] (1722–1739), and secondly to Princess Anne Thérese of Savoy-Carignan[3] (1717–1745). Victoire had two step-daughters from these marriages; Charlotte, future Princess of Condé and Madame de Guéméné, who became governess of the children of Louis XVI.

Among her first cousins were King Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia and the tragic princesse de Lamballe.

Like her husband, she took lovers outside her marriage. In 1757, by order of Louis XV, she was arrested in Tournai, purportedly for having stolen 900,000 livres worth of jewels from her husband in order to run away with her apparent lover, Monsieur de Laval-Montmorency.

The couple separated and her parents were given a pension of 24,000 livres to take Victoire, exiled from court, to dwell with them at Echternach. The couple had no children and Victoire died in Paris,[1] having outlived her husband by five years to the day.


Titles and styles

  • 25 February 1728 23 December 1745 Princess Viktoria of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg
  • 23 December 1745 1 July 1787 Princess de Soubise
  • 1 July 1787 1 July 1792 Dowager Princess de Soubise

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