Lana Marconi

Lana Marconi (8 September 1917 in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania – 8 December 1990) was a Romanian-French actress, and the fifth and last wife of the famous French actor-director-playwright Sacha Guitry (1885–1957), whom she married in 1949. She appeared exclusively in her husband's films.


Year Title Role Notes
1948Le comédienCatherine Maillard
1948Le Diable BoiteuxMme Grand
1949Aux deux colombesLa grande duchesse Christine
1949ToâAnna Ecaterina
1950The Treasure of CantenacVirginie Lacassagne
1950Tu m'as sauvé la vieLa marquise de Pralognan
1951DeburauMarie Duplessis
1952Je l'ai été trois foisThérèse Verdier
1953La Vie d'un honnête hommeLa 'comtesse'
1954Si Versailles m'était contéLa reine Marie-Antoinette / Nicole Legay
1955NapoléonMarie Walewska
1956Si Paris nous était contéLa reine Marie-Antoinette(final film role)
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