Lalkaar (Challenge) is a 1972 Indian Hindi-language action film produced and directed by Ramanand Sagar.[1] It was adapted from a Hindi novel Sagar had written, called "Lalkar".[2] The film had music composed by Kalyanji Anandji and the lyricists were Hasrat Jaipuri, Indeevar, Mahendra Dehlvi and Kulwant Jani.[3] It was rated as a hit[4] and cited as one of the "highest grossers" of 1972.[5] Stated to be the costliest war film produced at the time,[6] it starred Dharmendra, Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinha and Kum Kum in lead roles. The rest of the cast included Nazir Hussain, Sujit Kumar, Ramesh Deo, Dara Singh and Agha.[7]

Directed byRamanand Sagar
Produced byRamanand Sagar
Written byRamanand Sagar
Moti Sagar
Rajendra Kumar
Mala Sinha
Nazir Hussain
Music byKalyanji-Anandji
Distributed bySagar Arts
Release date
June 2, 1972


Two sons of Colonel Kapoor, one in the Army and One in the Air force are in love with the same girl. But before anything could be finalized, both are sent to a mission against the Japanese to destroy their secret airport. Will they be able to finish their mission? Will they come back alive? Who will win the girl?



1 "Aaj Gaalo Mushkralo" Mohammed Rafi
2 "Bol Mere Sathiya" Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
3 "Mere Mehboob" Manhar Udhas, Mala Sinha
4 "Shyamji Ke Dwaar Pe" Mahendra Kapoor, Poornima
5 "Zara Mudke To Dekh" Mohammed Rafi
6 "Aaj Gaalo Muskuralo(Sad)" Mohammed Rafi
7 "Maine Kaha Na Na Na" Asha Bhosle


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