Lake of Rascino

Lago di Rascino is a lake karst mountain in the Province of Rieti, Lazio, Italy, in the territory of Fiamignano, in Cicolano.

Lago di Rascino
Lago di Rascino
LocationProvince of Rieti, Lazio
Coordinates42°20′52″N 13°08′52″E
Basin countriesItaly
Surface area28.3 ha (70 acres)
Surface elevation1,146 m (3,760 ft)

At an elevation of 1146 m, its surface area is 0.283 km².


It is located at the edge of the homonymous large karst plateau, the plateau Rascino, along with other small bodies of water less seasonal. Not having tributaries, the reservoir collects rainwater and snow and the presence of karst sinkholes allows the outflow.

Flora and fauna

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