Ladislas Fodor

Ladislas Fodor (1898-1978) was a Hungarian novelist, playwright and screenwriter.


  • A Church Mouse (A templom egére); a comedy in three acts, adapted by James L. A. Burrell (1928)
  • Jewel Robbery (Ékszerrablás a Váci utcában); a comedy in three acts, adapted by Bertram Bloch (1931)
  • I Love an Actress (Szeretek egy színésznőt); a comedy in four acts, adapted by Chester Erskin (1932)
  • The Kiss Before the Mirror (Csók a tükör előtt); a drama in three acts (1932)
  • Youth at the Helm (Helyet az ifjúságnak ) (1933)
  • Matura (Érettségi); a comedy in three acts (1934)
  • A Woman Lies (Egy asszony hazudik); a drama in three acts (1935)
  • The Night Before the Divorce (Die Nacht vor der Scheidung); comedy (1937)
  • Strange Case of Blondie White (Katzenzungen, 1934); a play in three acts, adapted by Bernard Merivale and Jeffrey Dell (1938)
  • Birthday Gift (Születésnapi ajándék); a play in three acts (1939)
  • The Vigil (1947)
  • Europa and the Bull (1952)


Films Based on Plays by Ladislas Fodor

Ladislas Fodor as Screenwriter

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