Ladies Crave Excitement

Ladies Crave Excitement is a 1935 American actioncomedy drama film released by Mascot Pictures, directed by Nick Grinde and starring Norman Foster, Evalyn Knapp and Esther Ralston.[1]

Ladies Crave Excitement
Directed byNick Grinde
Produced byNat Levine (producer)
Written byJohn Rathmell (story)
Wellyn Totman (screenplay) and
Scott Darling (screenplay)
StarringNorman Foster
Evalyn Knapp
Esther Ralston
CinematographyErnest Miller
William Nobles
Edited byRay Curtiss
Distributed by

Release date
Running time
73 minutes
CountryUnited States


Don Phelan, the ace newsreel reporter, falls in love with Wilma Howell, the daughter of the owner of another newsreel company that is a bitter rival of the one Don works for. The rivalry, with cameramen jostling each other out of the way, acts of sabotage, and reporters fighting to get the 'scoop', does not bode well for the romance.




Ladies Crave Excitement was released on DVD on July 26, 2010.[2] The film was again released on DVD on August 27, 2013.[3]


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